Selecting a Picture-Perfect Kids Holiday Dresses

Selecting a Picture-Perfect Kids Holiday Dresses

Holidays are upon us! This means your kids will stay at home and it's time to take some cute and fantastic pictures of your kids. But what should your child wear to look their best? Although we will tell you what to wear, let’s get one thing straight. 

You shouldn’t get the idea that your child should look “just so.” As a parent, you can expect your child to look close to perfect. After all, they are children, they are bound to be disheveled. And you can always keep an extra outfit in your car just in case. Holiday pictures for kids are just a way to show off a barely worn ensemble. 

Here are a few tips to choose the perfect outfit for your kids and their holiday picture. 

  • For newly born infants
  • Infants don’t really care about their outfits. And thus, their outfits will get spoiled in a few hours. There will be spit-up stains until you use a bib for your infant. Hence, this must be the first thing you should buy for your kid. Just make sure that the bib is as nice as the outfit so that you don’t feel it takes away the charm of the outfit.

    If you are taking a portrait photograph, keep a lace gown or little suit. If it’s a full-day event, choose a holiday onesie. This will be easy to maintain for a long day. Make sure you have a holiday-themed accessory such as a red hat. This will go a long way. 

  • Little crawlers
  • Are your children in the crawling stage? Well, you need to choose outfits that don’t come under their hands or knees while crawling. For girls, don’t choose a dress with long skirts. Instead, choose a short skirt with leggings or a pantsuit outfit. 

    And don’t waste your money on shoes. They will never stick to the crawlers. Instead, invest in bright and comfortable socks. 

  • Toddlers
  • Toddlers are quite independent and hence you need to be careful while choosing their holiday outfits. Make sure you avoid buying clothes with long sleeves or collars. Both these will be part of stains and will get into the gravy boat. 

    Also, make sure you buy good shoes for your toddler. Have specific shoes for your toddler for holiday pictures. 

    • Tweens

    Tweens are a whole different ball game. They are so independent and already know what they want. You have to balance the look you are trying to get for the holiday picture, with the compromise you have to make on what your tween trendy needs are.  They are also very sensitive at this stage and they sure want to show their personal style. 

    You would need to carry your tween girl along with this buying decision. Make sure they will feel comfortable in their holiday outfits and that will transcend to a perfect holiday picture.

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