Mother of the Bride & Groom Shoes for Your Perfect Dress

Mother of the Bride & Groom Shoes for Your Perfect Dress

It’s your daughter’s big day! And so is yours! After all, you are the mother of the bride or groom  and will be the center of attention during the event. 

Did you find the perfect dress? If you did, that’s great! You will certainly look elegant and beautiful. 

But did you find a pair of shoes that will perfectly match your dress? Are you still in search of that perfect pair of shoes that will look stylish when you walk down the aisle with your daughter? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. 

Keep reading to find out what pair of shoes will match your mother of the bride dress perfectly.

  • Heels
  • If you have a mother of the bride dress that has a shorter hemline or slit, High heels will be the right pair of shoes. Based on your height preference, you can choose the type of heel. You can go with block heels or platforms  to get a chic and comfortable look. 

  • Wedges
  • As the mother of the bride, you will be busy on your daughter’s wedding day. You will have to greet guests, take photographs, and enjoy the wedding party. You will be on your feet all day. You want a pair of shoes that will look stylish yet be comfortable. 

    Wedges are the perfect pair of shoes in such a case. You will be able to achieve some height without compromising your comfort for the day. No matter the kind of mother of the bride gown you have, metallic wedges will match flawlessly. Also, don’t shy away from choosing sparkles on your footwear. 

  • Flats and Sandals
  • Comfort and style meet when you choose flats and sandals. These versatile footwears go flawlessly with your mother of the bride dress whether you are attending a beach wedding or casual wedding. 

    Flats are also easy for you to attend all the festivities of the day and hit the dance floor without any worries. And if you don’t prefer wearing flats all day, you can keep them handy when you want to dance. 

    Hey, Mother of the brides out there, it’s your special day too! And you should also look fabulous and elegant. Choose the finest mother of the bride dresses and shoes from us at SleekTrends. 

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