Formal Shoes to Wear to a Wedding Besides Heels

Formal Shoes to Wear to a Wedding That Aren’t Heels

Formal Shoes to Wear to a Wedding That Aren’t Heels

Wedding days are long. You’re often in your dress hours before the ceremony and there’s a good chance that there will be a lot of standing and then walking for hours at the reception as you say, “thank you so much for coming” over and over. We know that eventually your feet will not be feeling it and so we are compiling a list of shoes that will provide more comfort and then be appropriate for something more dressy. 

A neutral flat is a really great option and this Vienna Leather in Misty Blue is a great option. It’s hard to find one with support and so we wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a flimsy ballet flat. We love ballet flats but after being on your feet for 5+ hours you may as well be walking around barefoot. Also, this shade of grey is a nice twist on a normal nude flat. It would go well with cooler tones or even a pink with a more purple tone rather than red. It is slightly raised which is actually something that you want. If it is absolutely to the ground you will be wincing by the end of the day.

Now hear us out. We know it’s slightly raised but you really will be better off. These metallic open toed mules seriously would go with any outfit and are dressy without being flashy. The details on itAlso, a major important tip is to break them in before hand. With a slide and sweaty feet it can start wearing on the outside of your foot. Make sure you put on bandaids on the place is most likely to rub when you initially start wearing them. Also, break them in. Trust us. Wear them regularly for a few months before and by the big day they will be as comfortable as your bedroom slippers. It’ll mold to the shape of your foot and won’t slip off if it's sized correctly. 

There is absolutely nothing better than a dressy loafer. It’s chic without being over the top. And they will have the best chance at being more supportive. We suggest wearing it with a pantsuit that already has a little sparkle going on and then the metallic can tie it all together. All of these options are also items that can transition in your wardrobe later on. Who doesn’t want to dress up a classic look with a little bit of sparkle. So cute. 

Don’t feel intimidated by all of the options out there. We know it that it can feel like a lot. Another great tip is to try and either try them on in the store or look online for shoes that will do free returns. We highly suggest buying shoes that will return for free and then ordering them in a half size up and down if it’s a pair of shoes you are particularly excited about. Then you’ll just need to do one trip to the post office afterwards and you are done. Remember that more than anything your shoes are going to be the last people will be talking about, so choose a pair you feel good in and that won’t be uncomfy and thus distracting on the big day.

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