What To Wear Over That Special Occasion Dress

Looking for something to cover your arms? Girl, you are not alone. We all know that dresses are versatile and usually a go-to outfit for special occasions.

The problem is, it is super hard to find dresses with sleeves. The majority of available dresses in stores, especially special occasion dresses are either strapless or sleeveless.

Sleeveless dresses are cute, but sometimes you want to cover up when it's a little chilly - maybe to hide your arms or you just want to add a little extra to an outfit to change it up a bit.

The challenge is finding shrugs for dresses that do not look like outerwear like it doesn't belong, a blazer looks too business-like for a party or a cardigan is not the casual look you were going for. Nothing seems quite right to go over that evening dress. The right bolero jackets for evening dresses  in the right color can be difficult to find.

At SleekTrends, we like to offer solutions to your fashion dilemmas. We have the perfect lace bolero jacket.

Lace is versatile, never goes out of style and it works well with many special occasion fabrics like silks, satin, taffeta, and also works with other laces. Our dressy shrugs are the perfect lace shrug to throw over your fanciest dresses.

Transform your outfit into a dressier look with this dressy feminine, bolero jacket Featuring an open front with scallop trim. Available in black, navy and red in Missy and plus sizes.

With so many sizes and just the right colors, this lace shrug is the perfect finishing touch to your special occasion dress. 


What do you wear over your evening outfits? Tell us how you style your evening wear. If you have a good story or fashion suggestions to share, send it to us, we might share it.


  May all of your outfits be just right!

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