What Should You Wear as a Stepmother of the Bride

What Should You Wear as a Stepmother of the Bride

Choosing the right mother of bride gowns for the wedding of your child is difficult. But it gets even more complicated when you are the stepmother of the bride. 

As a stepmother of the bride, things can be very different for you. It entirely depends on what your dynamic is with the bride and the biological mother of the bride. Here are the dressing etiquettes you need to follow as the stepmother of the bride on her wedding day. 

Determine How the Bride is Treating You: Whether as Mom or Guest?

So, before you choose your dress for your step child’s wedding, you need to determine how you are being treated on the day. Whether you will be treated as a mom or guest will dictate your position in the sitting arrangement and your choice of dress. 

The bride will most certainly want her biological parents to sit in the first row followed by her stepmother. According to wedding etiquettes, biological parents always sit in the first row whereas the stepparents will sit two to three rows behind. Although this might seem very awkward and hurtful, you need to always think that this is your stepchild’s big day. 

If You are a “Guest”

As a stepmother, if you are being considered as a “Wedding Guest”, you need to dress like one. Now, you might be tempted to outdo the biological mother but don’t do that no matter how much you want to! 

If you wear something fancy or revealing that outdoes the mother of the bride or groom, you will only look petty and jealous. And you certainly don’t want that color on you. Wear something more graceful and subtle. 

If You are a “Mom”

In certain cases, the bride has a great dynamic with her stepmother and the biological mother having a great relationship with the stepmother. If that’s the case and the bride is choosing to seat you in the first row along with her biological parents, you are treated as “Mom”. so you must dress like one too! 

However, don’t outdo the biological mother of the bride or groom. You may want to wear a similar style to them or complement the color of the dress. The etiquette to choose mother of the bride dress in such a situation will be:

  • Biological mother chooses her dress first
  • The mother of the groom chooses next
  • Stepmother of the bride or groom chooses next

Make sure to consult your stepdaughter who is also the bride on what to wear. She will certainly love that. 

What Color Suits?

Make sure that you don’t wear the same color as the mother of the bride or groom. Also, avoid wearing the same color as the bridesmaids. 

Choose a color that is subtle such as pale yellow, pale mint green, taupe, peach, or light grey. And if you want to be on the safer side, go for the most popular royal blue and navy. Avoid colors like white, red, and black.

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