Updo Hairstyles for Mother of the Bride & Groom

Updo Hairstyles for Mother of the Bride & Groom

As the bride or groom, you will agree one thing that no matter what, your mother has always been on your side. Several wedding appointments, helping to figure out the right venue, making the guest list, finding the right wedding cake and so much more, she has always helped you. 

So, she also deserves the best on your wedding day. Now finding the right dress for mother of the bride or groom is half the job. She also needs to have a stylish and comfortable hairdo that makes her look elegant on the day. 

Which hairstyles are perfect for the mother of the bride or groom? Here are our top picks of some fantastic hairdos for your mother. Send this to her ASAP!

  • French Twist
  • So, your mother wants to go classic! French Twist is the perfect hairdo for her. This style goes perfectly well with all types of mother of the bride and groom dresses, wedding themes, and face shapes. She will always love her look in this hairdo! 

  • Formal Updo
  • If you have kept a formal wedding theme and your mother is wearing evening gowns, ask your mother to go for a formal updo. A polished and pinned formal updo will give her a sophisticated look on the formal wedding day. Just ask your mother to keep some bobby pins in her clutch to pin any loose tendrils. 

  • Interlocking updo
  • This is an intricate hairdo style. The style begins with curling the hair and then interlocking the loose tendrils. These interlocked tendrils are strategically pinned on the top of the head. No matter your mother’s hair length, this hairdo will look perfect!

  • Natural curls
  • Does your mother have naturally curly hair? Don’t let her go for some complicated hairdo. Natural curls when done right look so fabulous and attractive. The textured and free-flowing locks that have a bounce will look amazing on your mother. 

  • Polished Chignon
  • Another classic hairdo that is perfect for your mother. Polished chignon also includes spraying a shiny spritz on the hairdo giving it a sparkly and celebrative look for the big day. 

  • Stylish blowout
  • So, is your mother still stuck on which hairstyle to choose for herself? Well, suggest a simple yet stylish blowout hairdo. After giving soft curls, apply a lightweight hairspray to keep the curls easy and touchable. 

    These are some of our top picks of hairdos for the mother of the bride and groom. These styles are timeless, stylish, and effortless. If you need any hair accessories for your hairdo, don’t hesitate to visit our online store SleekTrends. 

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