Unique Colors For Mother Of The Bride And Groom Dresses

Unique Colors For Mother Of The Bride And Groom Dresses

Are you the mother of the bride or groom? That's great! Congratulations on the wedding of your daughter or son! You must be very excited to get on with the preparations for the wedding, and the first thing you need to do is decide what you will wear. While you may have many choices, taking a pick can be challenging. Before you can move on to the dress style, you need to consider the color you want.

It is a tricky game for the mother of the bride or groom. You may have a few color options, as some colors are exclusive for the bridesmaids, and some might contradict the wedding theme.

To help you choose, we have listed all the unique color choices and example outfit in that color that you can consider when planning your mother-of-the-bride and groom dresses.

If you are a fan of wearing light colors, then you can go for blush. Blush is a rosy pink color and is great for special occasion. This color is best for weddings in the spring and will give you a floral vibe to match the rest of the wedding party. The color blush works great for regular to plus-sized women and can accentuate your best features.
It is an elegant color choice and a perfect fit for mother of the bride dress. With the right accessories, you can surely make the dress pop.

Mauve is another light and airy color that exudes elegance and luxury. These mauve dresses are perfect as they will give you a toned-down look. The muted color will ensure that you look your part and still beautifully elegant. You can get different shades of mauve for your dress and even go a little darker to compliment your skin tone.
Mauve adds a vintage element, and you can also wear it for as a wedding guest outfit. Pair it with silver or rose gold accessories, and you'll be good to go.

Ice sage
If the wedding has a light theme, then you cannot go wrong with Ice Sage. It is a beautiful color and could come in a lighter or darker shade for you to dress up and down, depending on the specifics and theme of the event.

Ice sage is a green with a bit of crystal blue. It adds an aura of elegance and calm. If you are looking to dress in a cool color, then Ice Sage is a great choice for a spring and summer wedding This color exudes confidence and elegance for the mother of the groom.

Periwinkle is a wonderful shade of blue and purple that can accentuate your look. It’s a great option for a purple theme wedding. This color is a premium choice for the mother of the bride as it is a fashionable color that never goes out of style. Its subtle and muted but ensures you stand out, without being over the top.

More importantly, it works well on all sorts of skin tones. Whether you have a cool or warm skin tone, you can expect this color to bring out your best glow.

This color is a light shade of blue. It can work with a lot of wedding theme with a blue or silver color theme. Photographs beautifully with charcoal as well, so if the bridesmaid or groomsmen have any shade of grey in their ensemble, it would be a great option for the mother of the bride or groom. There are several ways for you to accessorize to complement this color, but the best color to pair is silver. You can wear silver jewelry or silver heels for the dress to pop.

See example below:

Shell Pink
Pastel colors are all the rage nowadays, and this shell pink color will be a good fit if you are looking for a plus-size mother-of-the-bride dress. Shell pink is a very popular color for wedding dresses for the mother of the bride and groom. It is a muted shade, making it a great choice for the mother of the bride who is looking for a color to complement colors in the red or dark purple family. Shell pink goes works well with burgundy, plum & eggplant. This color can be game-changing if you style it with pearl or silver or champagne accessories.

Slate is also a popular color choice. There are different shades of slate, some could be blue/gray or more greenish/gray. This color can give you a lot of versatility. It’s not too light or dark, so can fit perfectly in various wedding settings. You can dress this shade with different accessories, such as silver. Gold colored accessories will surely make it pop.

Slate-colored dresses are a flattering choice for all seasons.

If your wedding theme calls for grays, Granite is a great option, especially if the wedding is in spring or summer and you want to avoid wearing an outfit that is too dark for the wedding. Granite is a very airy choice, you can wear Granite in all sorts of dress and pant suit styles. The style choices are endless, but with this unique color, you can stand out in the crowd.

Below is a plus-size mother of the bride pantsuit in granite.

Dusty Blue
While it is commonly used for bridesmaids’ dresses, dusty blue is a very good choice for mother-of-the-groom dresses and also mother of the bride dresses. Its muted and subtle look makes it a great choice for an elegant but modest appearance. It’s perfect if you want to avoid being the center of attention at your daughter’s or son’s wedding.

Mocha is a very beautiful color; more importantly, it compliments all skin tones. If you want to wear a a shade of brown color that compliments you in the best way, then you can go for Mocha. Most shades of Mocha work well with most skin tones.
This color is mostly worn for fall and winter weddings where browns and earthy colors are the wedding theme.

Rose Gold
Do you want to stand out? Rose Gold color is an amazing choice for wedding dresses for the mother of the bride. This color gives you a little bit of sweet pink rose shades, with a mix of metallic gold. All combined into one color! It delivers the right amount of shimmer to stand out from the crowd but not outshine the bride.
There are several ways you can accessorize this color and style it according to the wedding theme. Think champagne shoes! It is also a great option for evening receptions. The color rose gold is flattering for many skin tones.

Do you prefer dark colors and you would rather not wear a black outfit for the wedding? The closest thing to black is coal, if you are looking for a mother-of-the-bride dress. Coal or charcoal is a great first choice for many women as it is a very comfortable option and can give your body a slimming look.

Coal as a color is very aesthetically pleasing , you can accessorize it with silver jewelry for a little bit of pop. Rather than go for navy, which is very pedestrian these days, Coal is a better option to set you apart from other guests at the wedding. Afterall, you are the mother of the bride!

Many mothers of the bride and groom shy away from wearing red. Red is very attention-grabbing and can steal the bride's spotlight. So if you are looking for a warmer color, like red, but more subtle and not in your face, merlot is a great option.

Merlot is a good combination of red and purple. It can be very complimentary for your complexion. This red shade is the perfect choice for fall and winter weddings. You can pair the dress with a faux fur jacket and a nice pair of heels to get a more wintering look.

Champagne is yet another popular color choice for the mother of the bride. Champagne is a good choice if you are looking for a light metallic color. If the bride is wearing white, you can choose to wear champagne; otherwise, it is suggested to avoid wearing colors closer to white.

This neutral color goes well with a variety of other colors and can help you look your best.

Lavender is a beautiful color. It gives off a very calm and collected vibe. If you are older and want to go for a muted look, then lavender is the perfect color choice. There are many dresses in lavender that can give you a better-looking outfit as the plus-size mother of the bride.

In Conclusion
As the mother of the bride or groom, you need to dress the part. Make sure that your outfit helps you stand out and that you look your best. There are many color choices for you to choose from; this blog gives you color options and how you can dress them the best way possible! If you are looking for dresses in these colors, Check out our thoughtfully curated mother of the bride & groom collection here

At SleekTrends, you are the VIP, not an afterthought. We believe the right outfit can change everything. Your celebration starts with us.

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