The Perfect Party Host Gift

The Perfect Party Host Gift

When you arrive at your hostess' home it is customary, if not required, to bring a gift for whomever has opened up their home for your stay. However finding the best one can be intimidating. What will match their personal style? Their taste? How do you find something appropriate and of quality without breaking the bank? In France guests arrive with a Thank You Card to slip in the mailbox on their way out. It’s the little cultural differences that can make it confusing. But we’re going to do our best to find some unique options that will be appropriate for any occasion. 

1). Think Local and Personal- If you are an out of town guest it’s a great idea to bring something that is special and unique to your area that your host has never tried before. Is there a local coffee roaster in your area? Perhaps a brewery or a farmers market that sells unique and locally made pieces? It’s important though to think about how you will be transporting the gift. If you’re boarding a plane a bottle of whiskey may be a gamble and you should pack accordingly.

2). Think intentionally. A favorite and classic gift is a bouquet of flowers. But instead of a generic bouquet from a florist or grocery store it’s fun to go to a thrift store and pick out a vase and then build your own arrangement. There are often a variety of vintage vases and you can find something unique without breaking the bank. You can then go to a grocery store to pick up your choice of flowers and arrange them yourself. It takes a little bit more work but the final product will save you quite a bit and your gift will be even more special because of the effort. A variation of this gift is to find a beautiful piece of crockery and prepare the food you were planning on bringing it in and then presenting it as a gift. It doubles as a dish and a special gift they will always remember the party by.

3). Have something hand delivered. If you’re running late or pressed for time there is an easy solution. Order it. The world is becoming more and more accessible through the click of a button and so we may as well utilize it. This also is a great idea if you’re not able to attend a particular event. A fresh delivery of pastries, pizzas or calling a restaurant to send a bottle of champagne to the table is a fantastic way to let the host know you care by making it more special for everyone there.

With more social gatherings happening we thought talking about this was getting more pertinent. Remember that the number one gift though is you and your company. These are just some ideas on how to share a little extra love and something that keeps life special.

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