Mother of the Bride Makeup Ideas

Mother of the Bride Makeup Ideas

Weddings always put the bride and the groom in the spotlight. It is their big day which will transform their lives for the better! 

Similarly, the mother of the bride and groom are an important part of the wedding day. They will see their child moving on to the next phase of their lives. The day of happy tears and hearts so full of love for their children! 

While they will be wearing a striking and elegant mother of the bride and mother of the groom outfits RM Richards, they also need to have a makeup look that complements the dress. Here are a few makeup ideas for the mothers for their daughter or son’s wedding day. 

  • A neutral lip color with darker eye makeup
  • If your mother wants to have subtle yet glam makeup looks, suggest her to pair a neutral lip color with darker eye makeup. This look brings a perfect balance between style and sophistication. Also, if the mother is wearing a neutral or pastel-colored dress, this makeup look will be perfect!

  • Choose a red lip color
  • Ah! Nobody can go wrong with using red lip color. Whether you choose a lighter shade or darker, it will always look picture-perfect. If you are wearing mother of the bride outfits in solid colors, red lip color will be the best match!

  • Coordinate with mother of the groom
  • It's always wonderful to see when the mother of the bride and groom get along really well. It just makes things so much easier. And you can take it to the next level by matching your make-up with the mother of the groom. 

    Whether you are wearing bright and bold colors, solid colors, neutral tones, make sure to match the makeup with the mother of the groom. For example, if you both decide to wear a bright color dress, you can wear subtle eye makeup with nude colors. 

  • Match the bride
  • A wonderful day to match your makeup with your daughter on her wedding day. Not only will you look like twin sisters, but it will also make your look overall coordinated. You can keep the eye makeup and lip color shades similar to the bride. 

  • Use glossy lip color
  • Want to have picture-perfect makeup? Use a glossy lip color with your mother of the bride dress. If you don’t have a glossy lip color, use matte lip color and put a coat of clear gloss on it. 

    Glossy lips stand out in photographs perfectly!

  • Rosy Hues
  • Weddings are all about love, romance, and commitment. And the colors most associated with these emotions are rosy hues. So, why not incorporate rosy hues in your makeup too. The mother of the bride can pair her dress with rosy and pink hues that will make her look fresh and young all day long. 

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