Best Colors for Winter Wedding- Mother of the Bride Dresses

Best Colors for Winter Wedding- Mother of the Bride Dresses

Does your daughter have a winter wedding? If so, the preparations might be in full swing. And it is also the time you should buy the mother of the bride dress for the wedding. There are so many things that you need to consider while buying your mother of the bride dress. 

You need to consider the style that suits your body type, the wedding venue, and the bridal party. In addition, you also need to consider the color of your dress. You need to choose a color that not only complements the wedding but also the season of the wedding.

Since your daughter’s wedding is a winter wedding, you need to choose colors that will complement the season. Here are our top picks.

  • Emerald Green
  • A true winter color! Emerald Green depicts elegance, opulence, rebirth, life, and immortality. It is one of those colors that look perfect on all skin tones. Wearing an Emerald green dress will not make your face look “washed out”. Instead, it will make you look rich and posh for the winter wedding. 

    You can wear this dress with a bridal party theme of purples, blues, and greens. 

  • Ruby Red
  • Slightly lighter sister of primary red, ruby red is also perfect for a winter wedding. It is not as eye-catching as primary red but looks great for all body types and skin tones. Ruby red has a broad range from light ruby red to darker ruby red. 

    While for a summer wedding light ruby red shades are the best, wearing darker ruby red shades is a great choice for a winter wedding. The color depicts richness, elegance, love, and passion. You can wear this dress with a bridal party theme of dark blue, Emerald green, pinks, and orange tones. 

  • Primary Red
  • Also known as the “most reliable color in the world”, primary red is also a perfect color for a winter wedding. No matter your skin tone, primary red will always look good on you. When you wear a mother of the bride dress in primary red, it will certainly get you noticed. Hence, before you choose this color, it would be wise to ask the bride her opinion about the same. 

    You can wear primary red complementing the bridesmaid’s dresses in the color pink or orange. You can contrast dark blue or green bridesmaid’s dresses with primary red too. 

  • Cobalt Blue
  • A must-have color in your closet! And if you don’t already, now you can buy a mother of the bride dress in this color for your daughter’s wedding. Cobalt blue is a gorgeous color that again works with most skin tones. 

    Blue adds a sense of calm and serenity. The color complements purples and lighter blues. It contrasts with reds and pinks. 

  • Neutrals
  • Aren’t you into bold colors? Don’t worry! Neutrals are also a perfect color for a winter wedding. Again, neutral colors work best with all skin tones. You can choose charcoal instead of black or grey as a neutral color for your mother of the bride dress. 

    Neutrals are winter-appropriate and will complement the bridal party theme perfectly. 

    In this blog, we have tried to cover those colors that will suit all skin tones, and body types. You can check out these dresses at our online store at SleekTrends. We have a wider range of mother of the bride dresses in all colors, sizes, and styles. 

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