A Necklace for Each Neckline

A Necklace for Each Neckline

When you Google this question you are going to get so many different answers. Opinions are varied and can become more confusing the more you research. Also, styles are changing all the time! Giant statement necklaces over a buttoned chambray shirt used to be the height of fashion and now the look is dated. A chunky choker chain is now being paired with everything. Evening gowns, workout gear, or other layers of necklaces. All that to say it can be confusing. We’re going to try and look at the timeless advice and simplify the many varying answers as much as possible.

Choosing a Necklace for your Neckline

The most consistent advice is for the necklace to match the shape of the neckline. Think of it as framing the necklace like you would frame a picture. Would a V-neck or sweetheart neckline go well with a pendant necklace? Yes! But what about the tops that don’t have a neckline? Like a halter or a turtleneck. What then? It’s usually suggested to go with a longer necklace that goes past your clavicle, to your chest or even below. It gives the allusion of length and helps give your look more texture. But sometimes with a high neck the best look is to go without a necklace. You already have a great thing going on!

One of the things the many articles never mention is that the size of your chest should be taken into consideration. A halter neck is going to fit very differently on a size A then a DD. That’s why general advice is well meaning but not always applicable. So instead of telling you a list of rules pull out three different lengths of necklaces. Try to find a choker, a princess length, and opera length. This means one that sits around the bottom of your neck, sits on your collar bone, and then goes down to your chest. Seeing these styles on yourself is way more useful than looking at the Google Images charts of mannequins wearing pearls. 

We grew up in a time where there truly was a fashion rule for everything. What height of shoe was perfect for each skirt length. What colors should never be worn together. And what length of necklace must be worn with different necklines. But as we grow older we learn more and more about our personal style and that should be embraced! Definitely try out the advice of matching the neckline shape to your necklace. But while you’re getting your look together maybe add another layer? Maybe a pendant necklace with your beaded choker? The possibilities are endless.

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