Gorgeous Petite Evening Dresses

7 Gorgeous Petite Evening Dresses for Special Occasions


If you're shorter than 5ft 4 inches, you might be considered "petite" in the fashion industry. Shorter women aren't exactly the prime audience for most fashion retailers' designs.

Also, the lack of formal dress options for petite shoppers makes it a nightmare to find one that complements your smaller frame. Most evening dresses for petite women require different design pattern, cut, or silhouettes. Too often, petite shoppers have to settle for dresses with a torso or skirt that's too long.

In short, finding outfits that fit short-heighted women is a challenge. This is especially true when searching for formal petite evening dresses for special occasions. Even if you dress casually most of the time, you'll need some formal dresses and outfits for occasions such as weddings or celebratory events.

If the hassle of finding a formal dress that looks good on you sounds relatable, we can help. Here's a list of fantastic formal outfits for petite women.

Gorgeous Petite Evening Dresses for Special Occasions

Petite Women's One Piece Short Sleeve Sequin Evening Gown

One Piece Short Sleeve Sequin Petite Evening Gown


This is one of the sparkly R&M Richards petite formal dresses you can wear at special occasions and evening gatherings. Designed with a satin ribbon bow to accentuate your waistline, this R&M outfit is all you need to give off a dazzling persona. The godet pleats and sequins make this evening gown stand out from the rest.

The delicate sequin embellishment makes this dress the perfect choice for a black-tie event. The dress comes in two attractive shades, including Mocha, Merlot and Navy, so petite shoppers can pick whichever suits their personality the best.

R&M Richards Women's Size Short Sleeve Sequin-Embellished High-Low Gown Missy

R&M Richards Short-Sleeve Sequin-Embellished Petite Gown

If you're looking for a sequin evening dress to dance the night away, this R&M Richards short sleeve sequin-embellished design is an ideal choice. The stunning dress is a high low with beautiful golden-toned sequins.

The silk belt accentuates your waistline and complements your frame, making it a glamorous gown that you can wear on all kinds of special occasions. If you're not fond of wearing long-sleeved gowns, this one has an embellished stretchy top with short sleeves so you can dance and meet guests comfortably. And if you're wearing it as the mother of the bride, you're sure to steal the spotlight with this stylish outfit.

Petite Women Sleeveless Glitter Knit Chiffon Evening Gown

This is one of the most-sought after Alex evening petite dresses for the mother of the bride. With its intricate chiffon and lace work, the Alex evening dress is an ideal option when you're celebrating a special occasion. The One piece long gown features an a-line chiffon skirt and sequined bodice – truly the best duo for a black tie event. The high-quality fabric complements petite frames, while the a-line skirt gives you plenty of room to move.

It's truly the right gown for when you want to give off an effortless yet stunning appeal. Not to mention, the light fabric is ideal for summer celebrations outdoors.

The best feature of this petite woman lace outfit is the excellent balance between a balance between a formal and semi-formal look. So if you don't want something too fancy or shimmery, this is a classy evening gown for a formal occasion.

Alex Evenings Petite Women's Long Sequin Dress with Flutter Sleeves

Are you the Mother of the bride and looking for a subtle yet elegant petite evening gown? In that case, you can't ignore this R&M Richards petite formal dress. Its sleeveless shiny knit and glamorous touch set it apart from other formal dresses and gowns.

Whether you pick the gown in Merlot, Steel, or Navy, the fitted top with a draped cowl neck will look gorgeous. Flaunt your waistline with a flowing chiffon skirt that brings the look together.

Alex Evenings Petite Women's Sequin Lace to Chiffon

Make a statement with Alex evening dresses, such as this floral sequined gown with flutter sleeves. Its classy design and understated cuts make it the right petite evening dress to complement your frame and charismatic personality. The floral-patterned sequins give it a modern look, too.

The embroidered stretch lace gives it a figure-hugging silhouette that's perfect for weddings and formal parties.

Chic and sleek, this Alex evening dress puts a modern twist on classy fabric and a smooth silhouette. The flutter sleeves add some drama to the look, while the stretchable fabric elongates your body frame.

Alex Evenings Petite Women's Long Sequin Bodice Dress with Flutter Sleeves

Though all Alex evening gowns have a unique charm, this long sequin bodice dress with beautiful flutter sleeves is designed to fit your petite figure. Its sleek bodice has a modern elegance that's rare in most formal dresses. The full-length skirt makes a sensual figure-skimming silhouette that looks fantastic at any height.

With its classy stitching and skillfully-designed sequin bodice, this dress style can never go wrong. Pair it with some silver heels to make a bold statement with this look. Not to mention, you'll love how this gown almost looks as if it's two pieces.

Petite Women's 2 Piece Sequin Lace Jacket Long Dress


When you want a long gown, but need a removable jacket, so you have the option to keep warm or cool, this petite formal jacket dress from RM Richards is an ideal option. This sequin net lace jacket and matte Jersey gown make a stunning combination for all special occasions. The rich, intricate lace embroidery looks gorgeous with the matching gown, creating a luxurious look.

Its elegant design isn't the only unique feature of this dress. You'll love the stretchable fabric, making it super comfortable to wear.

Why choose Petite Evening Dresses for Special Occasions

When you attend a wedding or a formal gathering, you often need formal, semi-formal or cocktail attire. Choosing a petite evening dress is the right way to accentuate your shorter body frame. However, finding a dress with the correct length is difficult for petite people as most regular-length dresses run too long for their height.

Petite evening dresses from reliable, curated collections such as SleekTrends can make it easier to find the perfect outfit. You can find tons of good-to-go options to pull off your desired look. These formal dresses are made from high-quality, premium fabric that will last you a long time.

Choosing from SleekTrends collection saves you a lot of time and money you'd otherwise spend on altering a dress that that is too long for your petite frame.

Plus, there is a wide variety of beautiful dresses and evening gowns on the website to help people pick the perfect one for their personality and occasion.  At SleekTrends, you can refresh your wardrobe with stunning R&M Richards formal dresses or gorgeous Alex Evenings Petite Dresses from a versatile collection. The collection includes dresses in different styles, so you'll have multiple options for all occasions.

Summing Up

Regardless of your height, confidence and comfort is the key when it comes to choosing evening dresses. You should pick outfits that accentuate your features and elongate your body frame. The suggested dresses from SleekTrends are an excellent choice for all special occasions. Once you choose the right fit, all you need are some classic accessories to take on the world.

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