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What Should the Mother of the Bride/Groom Wear to an Engagement Party?

Wedding preparations are surely important but first comes the engagement party. Now, as the mother of the bride or mother of the groom, you will be one of the first guests to be invited to the engagement party.

However, the biggest question is what should you wear as a mother of the bride or groom at an engagement party? Our experts bring you the answer to this question. 

Dresses for Social

Choosing dresses for social events such as an engagement party will depend on several factors. Let’s take a quick look. 

  • Engagement Party Formality: You can choose your dress depending on the formality of the event. Maybe your son or daughter has decided to organize a black-tie engagement party. Or maybe they have organized a cocktail engagement party. Or maybe it is just a casual event with a few close friends and family members. The event formality will dictate your choice of outfit.. 
  • Engagement Party Location: Location also plays a major role in choosing an outfit If it is a casual event at someone’s house, dress simple yet chic. However, if it is a formal event, you might want to choose from our elegant womens evening gowns

Engagement Party Outfit Ideas

  • Color Block Outfits: We suggest you ditch the regular solid  colored outfits and choose color blocking ones.  These outfits pack a punch and will make you stand out without overshadowing the couple. You can
    choose from bright color block dresses such as magenta, tangerine, fuchsia, or go for pastel colors, soft pink, and more. Just make sure that you balance out the color block outfit with accessories, a good hairdo, and a cute pair of shoes to bring it all together.
    Women's Evening Gowns
  • Print Outfits: As the mother of the groom or bride, you certainly want to stand out at the engagement party too. Make a bold statement with print outfits. These outfits are a perfect choice for summer engagement parties. Go for a simple cotton print dress for a daytime engagement party, or choose an elegant print silk gown for an evening engagement party. 
  • Non-Traditional Outfits: It is absolutely fine if you want to avoid wearing a dress at the engagement party. Maybe you feel more comfortable in pants. If such is the case, make sure to choose from our elegant womens pant suits that matches the formality of the occasion and are perfect for any engagement party location. 

Bottom Line

It can be difficult to determine what you should wear at an engagement party as the mother of the bride or groom. However, as long as you know the formality and location of the engagement party and what you feel comfortable in, you can always find the perfect outfit. 

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