Ultimate Guide for Choosing Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dress

Ultimate Guide for Choosing Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dress

Are you the mother of the bride? Are you looking for a beautiful mother of the bride dress but wondering if you will find gorgeous and flattering dresses in your Plus size? Well, you are not alone! Several women wonder the same thing.  Being a plus-size woman, it can get a bit difficult to find the right mother of the bride dress. However, it is not entirely impossible. Certain things can help you find an elegant and fabulous mother of the bride dress. Here is a guide that will help you when buying your plus size mother of the bride dress

  • Cover Up in style
  • Now, if you are conscious about your arms, you might think that you should completely cover yourself up. But don’t make that mistake! Covering up without any strategy will not make you look good. Wearing a boxy jacket is not always the right strategy.  Look out for special occasion shawls, boleros and shrugs that would complement your dress. Fabrics like satin and lace would add coverage but add elegance at the same time

    You can also explore 2 piece jacket dresses. There are so many mother of the bride that comes with a  jacket , so you wouldn't have to buy a separate one

  • Avoid clinging fabrics
  • Fabrics that are lightweight and stretch cling to the body and do not do a good job covering problem areas, instead they accentuate body flaws. If you prefer body fitting outfits, look out for more structured, mid weight fabrics that  would be fitted but flattering to your plus size silhouette.

  • Consider Higher Waistline Dresses
  • A waistline that is above the  traditional belly button waistline would have a very flattering and slimming effect on your waistline. Empire waist designs are waistlines located under the bust line.  They are perfect for plus size women that have thicker waistlines. It helps create an illusion of a smaller waistline. Also raised waistlines can create the appearance of added height, which comes in handy for Shorter Plus size women. There are a variety of plus size mother of the bride dresses designed with an empire waistline.

  • Use Patterns to Your Advantage
  • If you thought that being plus size means you can’t wear patterns, you are mistaken! You can certainly wear patterns.  The only thing is finding the right pattern. Don’t buy small floral patterned dresses,  because that will make you look larger

    Instead, go for a bigger and bolder pattern with 2-3 colors. The same logic works for geometric patterns too.  If you have to wear stripes, go for vertical stripes as opposed to horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes elongate your figure while horizontal stripes make you look larger. 

    Now, you know the best fashion tips to buy a fantastic Plus Size mother of the bride dress for your daughter’s wedding. Check out our complete collection of mother of the bride dresses in every size. 

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