Trendy Mother of the Bride Dresses You Should Shop

Trendy Mother of the Bride Dresses You Should Shop

Mother of the bride dresses don’t have to be matronly and only beige, contrary to some beliefs. You need to come out of the age-old image in your mind. In today’s world, the mother of the bride's dresses can be trendy, fashionable yet elegant, and comfortable to wear. The mother of the bride needs to  shine through on this special occasion and hence, can't afford to  compromise on the type of dress you buy. Here are 5 trendy mother of the bride dresses you can shop for.

  • Fabulous Flowy A-line
  • If you want to look like a fabulous mother who enjoys her life to the fullest, a fabulous flowy A-line dress is perfect for you. Adding ruffles to the neckline or a sash tie belt around the waist will give the dress a young and slimming effect. 

  • Shine and Sparkle
  • Wanting to look glamorous as a mother of the bride?  Add some  sparkle and shine to your day by going for sequin, glitters and shine. Look out fro sequin lace dresses, shiny  taffeta fabrics and metallics 

    Mermaid gown

    Sleek and sexy! Mermaid gowns are one of the best choices for moms who are always on point with the latest fashion trends. This style has a feminine flair along with a polished and posh look that makes you look luxurious and elegant. 

  • Floral Gown
  • A jacquard floral print that gives the dress an opulent look combined with a brooch belt is the perfect mother of the bride dress for a casual summer wedding.. This dress looks sleek, trendy, sexy, and elegant. And if you are confused about the length, you can always go for a mid-length dress. 

  • Lace Gown
  • Want to look royal and luxurious? Lace fabric is a must have for the mother of the bride dress. Lace gowns are the most elegant and timeless mother of the bride dresses. Most lace gowns come in subtle and soothing colors. This is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to wear a bright mother of the bride dress

    With such a wide range of trendy mother of the bride dresses, why do you want to settle for the regular jacket and dress? Don’t shy away.  Choose a chic, sophisticated and classic mother of the bride dress that stands you out in the crowd. 

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