Mother of the Bride Pantsuits versus Mother of the Bride Dresses

Mother of the Bride Pantsuits versus Mother of the Bride Dresses

Is your daughter going to walk down the aisle soon to her happy-ever-after? Congratulations, and we're sure you're set to work browsing the trendiest mother of the bride dresses in town. But since it's your daughter's most special day, surely you want to outshine the rest of the wedding party yet be comfortable in your attire.

Other important duties like attending to the wedding guests, handling your daughter's bride jitters, and a million other details can't make handling a trailing gown easy. This is why numerous designers offer their opinions regarding mother of the bride pantsuits versus mother of the bride dresses.
It's the age of practicality, but with modern designers letting their creative juices flow, you can take your pick from classy pantsuits or dress options. We have seen mothers recently favoring formal pantsuits for the austere occasion since the outfit is so conveniently unfussy.

A striking pantsuit outfit makes for a polished ensemble for the bride's mother, making her stand out from the rest. If you're debating between mother of the bride dresses and mother of the bride pantsuits, consider the following to decide what’s best for you.

Comfort Wins- Pantsuits offer Movement Flexibility

As we said above, the mother of the bride takes as much attention as the lady in white herself. The thing is, the mother has to take on the lion's share of the responsibility for the big event. From welcoming guests and checking on them to ensure they're all having a good time to taking memorable photos with the bride, you'll be on your feet all day.

With so much activity to perform, you can’t settle for an outfit that will keep you uncomfortable and restrict your movement. Pantsuits would facilitate easy movement while you play your role as the perfect bride's mother.

Distinguished Attire

Now, we all know how women love to dress to the nine, and why not? When nature has endowed them with so much beauty and grace, it's right for them to want to flaunt their best self. We think the mother of the bride pantsuits are a great pick because they're also unique.

As the bride's mother, you're the next most important woman at the wedding, so naturally, you'd want to stand distinguished. While the rest of the women will be swathed in flowy gowns, your pantsuit attire will keep you stylishly distinguished.
You see, pantsuits are generally not a very common choice among women regarding mother of the groom dresses or brides. Most like to stick to the traditional choices, generally evening gowns, or knee-length dresses. If you wish to play it safe and not experiment with pantsuits, , that is fine, if pantsuits are not your thing.

Pantsuits can be equally elegant and attention grabber as a gown. When you turn up In a smart and striking pantsuit, nobody will mistake you for an ordinary wedding guest. One look at your polished persona, and everyone will know you are the beautiful mom of the beautiful bride.

Time-Saving Option

When it comes down to the simple truth, pantsuits are a time-saving wedding attire too. Even the most organized bride ‘moms can struggle to stay on schedule on the big day. Regardless of how grown up their kids are, mothers are inevitably responsible on occasions as major as a family wedding for getting everyone ready on time.

Besides that, you may also be responsible for last-minute checks on the décor, ceremony arrangements, and whatnot. Adding a tricky outfit to style along with your other bride-mom responsibilities will stir up a recipe for trouble.
Dresses and pantsuits differ here. While dresses and gowns take longer to wear and style, pantsuits get you ready in a flash. Because they're so sophisticated, elegant, and classy, and fit most body types perfectly, pantsuits also don’t take long to pick.

You'll find your wedding shopping complete sooner than the others. Do you know why? Simply because you won't have to worry about ensuring the skirt is not too short or long or the sleeves too flowy etc.
But if you've got time, you could go with a dress after you've browsed thoroughly for the perfect silhouette.


If you're a mother who likes to get great value for money from anything she has invested in, you'll love pantsuits more. Even the mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses are not as reusable as pantsuits.
Many women complain that they find their fancy wedding outfits from their daughter's wedding lying in the closet. The fact is that most other wedding attires are a little too much to suit any other event.

You would feel out of place if you turned up in a trailing gown at your sister's 60th birthday party now, wouldn’t you? But pantsuits? They are quite reusable.
Pantsuits are those versatile outfits that are both elegant and understated. If only many realized pantsuits are those desirable outfits that you can dress up or dress down as much as you like. It only takes a bit of styling and accessorizing to make the outfit suitable for any occasion.

You can be sneaky and make the pantsuit outfit pass for an office party, a hi-tea affair, etc., after you've flaunted it like a diva at your daughter's wedding. With its versatility, you will never feel guilty for splurging in an outfit that becomes unusable just because it's no more occasion-appropriate after the wedding.

Pantsuits= No Wardrobe Malfunctions

Surely you will agree when we say weddings typically invite wardrobe malfunctions. Even when you've ensured the best tailoring or handpicked outfits for the big day, a lot can go wrong when dressed in a hurry.

Mother of the bride dresses can be risky since dresses and gowns are more prone to embarrassing rips and other malfunctions. Added to the other responsibilities of the day as the bride's mother, you just can't have an embarrassing situation on your hands to tackle.

Besides, let’s also not forget that you’ll want to join in the festivities. After all, it isn’t every day that you experience the honor of giving your beloved daughter away in marriage to her true love. You will naturally want to celebrate her happiness the most and dance the night away.

Yet again, pantsuits lead in this case. They're smart, super comfortable, and breezy enough to swirl in rock n' roll for the night. Since it's not a dress, you won't be conscious of your dress blowing in all directions as you bust to the beat with your newly wedded daughter.

Umm, sure, we all love to have our 'Marilyn Monroe' moment, but a bride's mother can't take the risk if it is an outdoor wedding. A stronger gust of wind than usual could create quite an awkward situation, especially when the eyes of all the guests are on you.

Dresses may be within your Comfort Zone

Your daughter's wedding is a day of celebration. Surely the last thing any bride or her mother wants is to feel uncomfortable. Our experts suggest that the mother of the bride should look for outfit options that are not outside their comfort zones.

Let's be honest; dresses and gowns are feasible for all-day wear, but only if they’re your regular choice. With all the cuts and billows and whatnot, only a woman who has spent plenty of time in dresses can carry them like a pro.
Family weddings can be an all-day affair, especially on a larger scale. It can last for long hours, from the ceremony to the reception, complete with toasts, speeches, dinner, and dancing. Let's also not forget that mothers must be among the first ones to be ready on the big day since they have to be on hand while their daughter turns into a bride.

You can't afford to worry about the fabrics getting out of hand as you flit around if you’ve never worn the style before. We'd also like to call attention to the time range you will pass through as the day's events unfold. From the nuptials and cocktail hour to the grand reception itself, you'd not want to pick a dress that doesn't fit a specific hour.

Certain dresses are usually within the comfort zones at all moments of the big day. These outfits are super adaptable and so easygoing. They look befitting for every wedding day event.

Final Thoughts

When it's time to decide on your outfit for your daughter's wedding, you can experience a conflict between mother of the bride dresses and the mother of the bride pantsuits. This is a timeless question for bride moms, but with changing trends, fashion experts weigh the pros and cons.

The consensus is that pantsuits make quite an ideal pick for mothers of the bride, considering the many advantages they offer. Besides, pantsuits are timeless and classic, providing great value for money in reusability.

If you are looking for a perfect mother of the bride / groom outfit, whether it be a dress or a pantsuit, Checkout out our website. We have varied collection of dresses, gown, pantsuits, and jumpsuit perfect for your special day. At SleekTrends, we believe that you are perfect as you are, and if you don’t feel that way, you just haven’t found the right outfit yet.
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