How to Stay Stylish with Silver or Grey Hair

How to Stay Stylish with Silver or Grey Hair

Clothes Colors and Tones

Whenever we make a change in our hair our wardrobe is quick to follow. If you cut your hair into a more fun and playful style you’re going to want to wear the clothes that are as well. When we decide to embrace our gray hair a new world of possibilities are now here for the taking! It can be intimidating though. Will all of our old clothes now look wrong? Do we now need to start dressing in a more mature and reserved way? We will cover all of this and more. We’ve been researching these opinions and advice so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

Clothes Colors and Tones- There is a lot of advice on what colors look the best with gray/silver hair. But what you shouldn’t ignore is your skin tone, which is something that never changes. If you have always looked good in cool tones that has not changed because you have gone gray. Gray Hair influencer and model Nikol Johnson says that she has cool undertones but she also loves pink! She says she thinks the contrast is so effortless and pretty and contrasts beautifully. Also, people's hair grays in different patterns. It isn’t always that someone’s entire head is the exact same shade on their entire head. If it wasn’t when you were younger it isn’t likely that that will now be the case now that you have gone gray. People are told to avoid lighter colors so as to not be washed out but as pictured here Johnson is still able to rock it because she makes sure all of her features are still defined. 

Makeup- Think about this with the same advice of going blonde. We’re going to be concerned about being washed out. Our features may need some help being

How to Style Your Hair

defined. Some very simple ways to do that are making sure our eyebrows and our lips are always defined. When we go gray there is also a chance our eyebrows are going to thin and we need to make sure that all of our features are still defined. Same with our eyelashes. It’s something that we can become insecure about. But that’s what mascara is for! There are new trends as well in the past few years of making our eyelashes as full as possible. Some people dye them and others get a lash lift. These are easy solutions that work for up to four weeks. It means your eyes are going to stay defined without having to worry about them every time we leave the house.  Lipstick is also one of our absolute favorite ways to feel beautiful. We absolutely love a bold red lip while wearing a red dress or accessory. Have fun with it!

How to Style Your Hair- Remember that going gray is not completely starting over. You still have the same face shape and hairstyles that flattered you before will still flatter you today. Look into what way to part your hair to flatter the shape of your face. It is an opportunity though that you can totally embrace a new cut. Just remember to stay true to who you are. You do not need to get the obligatory gray sleek bob or short cut that everyone else feels obligated to get. Because gray hair is more likely to be dry and brittle a lot of people decide to cut their hair shorter, which is totally understandable. That doesn’t need to necessarily be the case for you. Silver hair in beachy loose waves is so beautiful. With the right products to keep them soft and shiny you can totally keep your hair longer. Erica Johnson is a YouTuber with fabulous content on how to take care of your gray hair. 

If you have read any of our previous posts you know that more than anything we want all of you to stay true to yourself. You’re allowed to go gray for a few years and then try something else out. Hair is so personal just needs to reflect where you are in your life and your hair journey!

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