Wedding Style Guide for the Mother of the Bride - SleekTrends

Wedding Style Guide for the Mother of the Bride - SleekTrends

Back in the old days, it was expected for mother's wedding dresses or mother of the groom dresses to be matronly and well, somber. But our question is, why should the mother of the bride or groom look any less glamorous?

After all, she is the reason the bride or the groom exists, so it is only right for her to shine in dazzling wedding outfits too. Our style experts have put together fashion tips for the mother of the bride dress or mother of the groom dresses for you.

From jumpsuits and flowy silhouettes to downright elegant evening gowns, the sky is the limit. We believe it’s your special day too, so you deserve to look your best. Take a look at our quick wedding style guide below, and put those jitters of not finding the perfect outfit to rest.

1.Take Your Daughter On Board

Since it's your daughter's big day, it is only right to have her input or approval of your outfit choice for the big day. She deserves the right to share her opinion about the color, style, and silhouette she wishes to see you in.

Is a jumpsuit on her mind for you? Is a floor-length gown, perhaps with a train, whatever she envisions her mom in on the wedding day. Since your daughter and her groom have undoubtedly decided the tone for the day, she'll be your best guide.

If she has organized an all-out black-tie affair, she'll lead you to a more formal attire; if not, a cocktail or knee-length dress would work great too. You're her most important family member, and it's right for you to look the part.

2. Factor in Your Comfort Zone

Surely you'll agree when we say that the foremost priority when choosing the mother of the bride dress is comfort and practicality. Since you're the bride's mom, you'll have a fair share of running around on the big day.

Short of tripping over tons of fabric or feeling too movement-constricted in an overly fitted dress, you don't want an outfit that will keep you uncomfortable. We highly recommend sticking to a safer choice for your outfit.

If you haven't worn, and aced, a particular style before, we suggest you steer clear of it at your daughter's wedding. Choose your more frequent styles. For some mother of the bride, floor-length gowns, preferably with an A-line, work best. For others, a knee-length number is more doable.

Others feel completely at ease in jumpsuits or pantsuits. Since there is no limit to the variety of styles, you'll turn out a proper diva in any choice. Thanks to our curated collection, you can pick from trendy outfits, including structured jumpsuits, elegant evening gowns, Jacket dresses, glamorous midis, etc.

3. Be Smart with Your Color Choice

Some mothers of the bride choose to stick to traditions, especially if the wedding is truly traditional. Honestly, though, we're all for traditions, too, and we believe they add to the charm and grandeur of the big day.

But styles and preferences have evolved. Where once it was expected for the mother of the bride's dress to complement the theme color of the wedding party, there are no restricting rules anymore. If you wish, you could choose a hue that complements the event's theme color without having to match it directly.
You could wait till your daughter has finalized the bridesmaid dresses before you start shopping for your outfit. It's great to ask your daughter to provide a fabric swatch. This would be a great help in picking an outfit that harmonizes with the theme colors.

If you’re breaking out of tradition, go right ahead. However, please remember to avoid any shade in white or ivory, so as not to compete with the bride . As the bride's mom, you deserve to look stunning too, without taking the spotlight from the bride herself. It's best to choose a color other than white to ensure the bride remains the belle of the ball.

4. Let the Wedding Venue Influence Your Choice

As we mentioned above, there was a time when it was customary for the mother of the bride dress to follow a kind of tradition . This is why most mothers of the bride in the past were seen in 2-piece dresses featuring a jacket and sheath dress underneath.

But thankfully, styles and traditions have evolved quite significantly over the years. Hence, you need not feel bound to choose something streamlined which you won't even wear with delight. We have got so many options that you can choose from at SleekTrends, why not make the most of it?

We only recommend that you consider the wedding venue when choosing your outfit. For instance, if it's a garden wedding in the daytime, choose something suited for the venue. A more formal and sophisticated evening gown will be better for a ballroom wedding reception.

If your daughter's wedding is to be a beach event, you could settle for strapless, casual, or even something with a wrap.

5. Is Your Family or the Groom’s Particular about Religious or Cultural Customs?

It is great for a mother's wedding dress or the mother of the groom dress to pay tribute to the religious or cultural customs the families observe. Perhaps your family might be devout believers, or the groom's family might be.
In that case, it feels appropriate and exceptionally elegant if moms choose outfits that honor the customs, for the big day. Remember to look for three qualities only; appropriate, respectful, and elegant.

6. Don’t Neglect the Glam

Whoever told you the bride's mom has to be boring and understated was misguided. You want to look elegant, classy, and sophisticated as the bride's mom, but that doesn't mean you compromise on glamour when choosing your outfit.

We highly recommend picking attire that reflects your style but ensuring the outfit is glamorous enough for the occasion. Don't hesitate regarding lace, beads, or sequin detailing. It's your daughter's wedding, after all, and you ought to look as festive as the nature of the occasion.

Moreover, don't hold yourself back from mani-pedis, spa sessions, or a hair transformation before the big day. It's great to have your hair and makeup done by a professional too. This way, whenever you go through your daughter's wedding album in the future, you'll be glad you looked your best.

Moreover, if your daughter wishes for you to join the bridal party at the salon they'll be dressing up at, it's a great idea to join in. These are the special moments you deserve to relish, too, considering its not every time your daughter will walk up the aisle.

7. Don’t Put Off Your Shopping till the Last

As the bride's mom, you will have a thousand wedding details to take care of. If you're right in on the planning and organizing process with your daughter, you'll be just as busy as her before the months leading to the big day.

We suggest shopping for your special occasion outfit no later than three months before the wedding. Thereby, leaving enough time for alterations and special orders is imperative. Even if you're looking for mother of the bride dress at the best bridal salons, you may need significant alterations to have the outfit fit you like a dream.

Besides, some mothers of the bride prefer to share their outfit choice with the groom's mother. It's a great idea to do that if both of you plan to complement each other’s outfits. Hence, shopping within a reasonable timeframe will give enough time for each party to have the perfect outfit ready for the wedding day.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best mother's wedding dresses can be challenging and quite an overwhelming experience. As the bride's mom or even the groom’s mom, every woman wants to look elegant, chic, and sophisticated without overshadowing her daughter.

With the range of collections at SleekTrends, you can count on finding the perfect outfit to transform you into a diva for your daughter's wedding.
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