Wedding Gift Guide - Do I Gift the Bride, Groom, or Both?

Wedding Gift Guide - Do I Gift the Bride, Groom, or Both?

It is always such a great honor to be invited to a wedding. Whether it is your friend, close cousin, or co-worker, being invited to a wedding makes you feel  like a valuable part of the wedding couple’s life. 

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However, with a wedding invitation comes two major tasks. First, you need to look for  gorgeous and elegant womens evening gowns to wear to the event. Second, you need to decide if you should give a gift to the bride or groom or both.

Finding a dress is still an easy task as you need to consider your comfort and style over everything else. However, wedding gift-giving etiquette is difficult to figure out. In this blog post, we will answer your major wedding gift-giving etiquette question. 

Do I gift the bride, groom, or both?

This is one of the major questions that most people ask, when they are planning to attend a wedding. Well, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Giving a gift depends on your relationship with the wedding couple. 

If you know both the bride and groom and are in their inner circle, you can either give a single gift or two smaller gifts that cater to their needs. However, if you only know one of them, giving a gift to the one you know will be a safe bet. Now, the answer to this question also depends on several other factors.

  • Does the couple have a gift registry?
  • Most wedding couples try to provide the guests with a gift registry to choose the gift item guests may want to give them. This does make your task a bit easier. Since the registry is jointly created by the bride and groom, any gift you pick from it will be addressed to both.

  • Do you want to give them something off the registry?
  • This is particularly applicable to those guests who are too close to the wedding couple. If you know both the bride and groom, you can pick something off the registry. You can get them both something special that reminds you of them and the love they share. 

  • Is it a destination wedding?
  • If you have been invited to a destination wedding, giving no gift at all is acceptable. This is especially true for those destination weddings that are happening at an expensive place. Or if you are required to book flights and accommodation to the destination wedding, it is acceptable to not give anything to the couple. 

  • Are you part of the wedding party? 
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  • If you are close to the wedding couple, you might be a part of the wedding party. You might have already spent on social dresses for the event, organizing bridal showers and bachelorette parties. In this case, it is acceptable to not give anything to the bride or groom or both. 

    Bottom Line

    So, do you gift the bride, groom, or both? The answer lies in your relationship

    with the couple and several other factors. We hope with this blog post, you might have already got an idea of how you should proceed with wedding gift-giving etiquette.

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