Five Timeless Looks for Mother of the Bride

Five Timeless Looks for Mother of the Bride

One of the biggest days of your daughter’s life is her wedding day. And just like any mother, you will be most devoted to finding the right bridal gown for your daughter. After all, seeing her extremely happy and her best self on the wedding day is what you want.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore how you look on her big day. While, of course, your daughter must look spectacular on that day, it’s also important that the mother of the bride looks gorgeous as well.

Maybe you don’t have enough time to scout for a perfect mother of the bride dress, don’t worry! We have got you covered. Here are five timeless looks that every mom can pull off on their daughter’s wedding day.

  • Ball Gown

Want to go classic on the big day? You can choose a Ball Gown for your daughter’s wedding day. This is one of the most beloved silhouettes. And this is the best dress shape for the mother of the bride. Its classy and elegant at the same time.

The modern take on the classic ball gown is a much more subtle flow from a fitted waist to a relaxed and flowy silhouette. This can be worn in a formal or semi formal setting.  Pairwitha satin clutch or rhinestones strappy shoes to take the outfit to the next level. Whether the wedding is formal or semi-formal,a Ballgown will fit in nicely.

  • Off Shoulder

Do you want to be the stylish and glamorous mother of the bride? Well, off-shoulder or cold-shoulder gowns will be a perfect choice. These dresses are sleek and fashionable with a neckline as the focal point. Most of the off shoulder/ cold-shoulder dresses have sleeves.  So, if you will rather have a sleeved dress, go for something extra to make it pop. With off-shoulder gowns you don’t necessarily need to put on a lot of heavy jewelry, instead, let the dress do the talking. Keep it simple!

  • Florals+ Embroidery, Sequins

Along with looking stylish, you also want to stand out. After all, this is your day as well. Classic sequins and floral and embroidery dresses are a great choice. Such dresses will give you a balance between striking characteristics and, soft silhouette.

Also, prints, patterns, and shimmering designs bring the best out of all body sizes and shapes. Hence, these are always a yes in our lookbook for the mother of the bride.

  • Sleeves + Capelets + Boleros

As a mom, you want to be graceful yet fashionable. Adding sleeves, boleros and  capelets to your dresses will give you a balance between both. Along with sleeves, you can have subtle style details and sparkly design and pattern that brings the best out of your mother of the bride dress.

  • Jumpsuits and Pantsuits

These are great choices for mother of the bride dresses, especially for a formal wedding theme. Jumpsuits and pantsuits are comfortable yet sophisticated. And they are perfect for the dance floor!

Jumpsuits and pantsuits completely take out the guesswork into finding the right mother of the bride dress. With the right style, design, and color, you can look graceful and elegant.

These are the five looks that our SleekTrends experts suggest are a great choice for the mother of the bride. If you want to check out and shop for the latest collection of mother of the bride dresses, check out our complete range now.

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