Five Key Mother Of The Bride Dress Trends For 2023

Five Key Mother Of The Bride Dress Trends For 2023

Is your daughter finally all set to marry the love of her life? 2023 brings with it the best news for the year! While you may be overjoyed by the news, it is the perfect time to start thinking about what you are going to wear. As the mother of the bride, you may have an image of what your dress should look like. Many mothers dream about the wedding day of their daughters as soon as they are born. This is the time for you to put your dreams to reality and come up with a mother of the bride wedding dress that will leave everyone stunned.

In this article, we have listed all the key trends you MUST keep in mind when looking for a mother's wedding dress. While it is great to follow trends, be sure that you are comfortable in what you wear and are as confident as can be! Wear your self-confidence as your best attire, and you will rock the wedding!


Look around, every mother of the groom's wedding dresses has capes! It is all the rage today! Capes are a great addition to wedding dresses for mothers, and the best part is that you can replace sleeves with a sheer cape that looks more fashionable as compared to other options.

The cape adds a bit of flair to the dress making it look more royal, and the mother of the bride can feel more comfortable. If you want to do something different than the same old dress then a cape can be just the right fight to take your dress up a notch when it comes to fashion.

You can find different types of capes depending on the style of the dress. Here are some options you can find at SleekTrends:

Plus Size Women All Over Sequin Capelet Fishtail Gown

This is a plus-size woman's dress with a sheer chiffon sleeve and a cape. If you are looking for an elegant dress choice that is not too out of your comfort zone, then this is the perfect dress and cape type for you. The cape bunches at the back at the top and at the bottom, which adds a glamorous look to the dress.

Plus Size Women All Over Sequin Capelet Fishtail Gown

Navy Beaded Sequin Lace Cape Sleeve Evening Gown- Formal Gown

This is one of the best-beaded mother-of-the-bride dresses that comes with a long flowing cape. This is a long cape that beautifully compliments the length of the dress and you. The sheer cape can add a little drama to your attire and you will look the part of the mother of the bride. It also covers your arms if you want to pursue a more modest look.

Navy Beaded Sequin Lace Cape Sleeve Evening Gown

Women's Pleated Skirt Dress with Chiffon Draped Sleeves

While you may have seen dresses with capes, this is a one of its kind dress that comes with a capelet. This capelet forms a U at the back and gives you the freedom to move around and have the time of your life at your daughter's wedding. The chiffon drape is very comfortable and truly a fashion statement.

Women's Pleated Skirt Dress with Chiffon Draped Sleeves


If you want a look that is timeless and helps you stand out, then you should include lace in your dress. Lace is a very popular and classic element in wedding dresses for the mother of the bride as it compliments all styles and lengths of dresses. No matter if you are wearing a full-length dress or if you are wearing a midi dress, lace will help you look 10 times better than any other dress would.

There are many different types of laces, some may have floral design while others may have geometric designs. You can get a juxtaposed lace overlay with a silk fabric dress or create a beautiful neckline for the lace to outshine. You can also get a dress that has lace as sleeves and a bodice, so it can enhance your shoulder and give you a very fashionable outlook. Lace dresses are the perfect choice if the wedding is in the summer, you can pair it up with a light fabric and you are good to go.

On the other side, it is also a good choice if the wedding is in winter. You can get a thicker cloth for the inner of the dress and then layer it up with an oh-so-fashionable cape or a jacket. This way, you can rock a lace dress no matter what season you wear it in.


A little sparkle can make a big impact. If you want your dress to look dressy and for the guests to be amazed whenever you walk by them, then adding a little sparkle to your dress is a great choice. It is not necessary for you to wear something that is very sparkly but a little sparkle can go a long way and it will help you stand out.

There are many different types of sparkles you can go for such as pearls, sequins, beads, and even glittery thread that can shine under lights or in the sunlight if you are having an outdoor wedding. The sparkles on your dress can go very well with jewelry and you will be able to look fashionable. Just add a little bling to your dress, and you will get the attention you should, being the mother of the bride.

Women's 2 Piece Sequin Lace Jacket Long Dress

You will find a sleeveless inner and a lace jacket in this long dress. The lace jacket has sequins on it that can make the dress look very fashionable and with the skin showing you will make heads turn.

Sheer Sleeves

Do you want a modest-looking dress but enjoy a fashionable element? Get a dress with sheer sleeves. There are many sheer sleeve options that can completely elevate your look and make it fashionable. Sheer sleeves can be made of lace or net, either way, they look very aesthetically pleasing and add an element of festivity to your dress. These sleeves can be all the way to your wrist or end at 3/4 of your arm.

Petite Women's Beaded neck 2 Piece Pant Suit - Mother of the bride Pantsuit

Here again, you will find a two-piece pantsuit with a jacket where you can show off your arms and enjoy the attention you get from all those who are around you. The jacket in this attire is attached to the shell so you can be very comfortable and still rock your sheer sleeves.

Godet Pleats

Do you want a dress that moves around with you? Get one that has godet pleats. The pleats are a triangular fabric inserted in different portions on the dress's skirt to give it a fashionable look and additional movement.

R&M Richards Women's Short Sleeve Sequin-Embellished Evening Gown

In this dress, you can find long godet pleats that are in contrast with the shimmery fabric and adds more drama to the dress. The contrast and additional flow make the dress more appealing. The godet pleats look amazing here!

Women's Short Sleeve Sequin-Embellished Evening Gown

R&M Richards Women's Plus Size Women's One Piece Short Sleeve Embellished Sequin Evening Gown

This mother of the bride dress's tea length also features godet pleats that come with contrasting satin fabric. The sequin embellishments make the dress stand out, and the pleats can give you a festive look you must be looking for for the wedding of your daughter.

R&M Richards Women's Plus Size Women's One Piece Short Sleeve Embellished Sequin Evening Gown

Sequin Lace Split Flutter Sleeve Formal Dress

The godet pleats do not have to be very long. These pleats can also be towards the end of the dress, and they can give you a little frill at the bottom so you can shake it and rock the wedding dance floor.

Sequin Lace Split Flutter Sleeve Formal Dress

If you are looking for mother of the groom dresses or mother-of-the-bride wedding dresses, you need to revisit the most fashionable trends, then you can choose your dress accordingly. Make sure that whatever dress you choose you are very confident in your selection and feel as comfortable as you can. Find more fashionable dress choices at SleekTrends!  

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