Mother of the Bride Dress Color Guide

What Color Should the Mother of the Bride Wear?

There’s a wide variety of mother of the bride dresses to choose from. Whether you make your decision based on style, color, or design, you should always find something that works with the event theme, your skin tone, or season. Why settle for basic colors like Beige and Navy, when you can find dresses that would make you stand out on your special day.

There are so many countless options, choose something that expresses your personality? In fact, why not choose an outfit that makes you stand out among the wedding guests? You are the mother of the bride, after all.

Read on if you’re ready to look elegant and classy at your daughter's wedding. We’ve mentioned some important tips for choosing the right color for your special occasion.

Mother of the Bride Dresses According to Season

While it’s important to have a preference when choosing a color, the time of the year greatly impacts your decision. Even if you think that you look great in just about every color, choosing the right color hue according to the season helps you stay on-theme. Every season has its own color family. That means you have a variety of mother-of-the-bride dresses to choose from.

Sure, it’s easy to say that you should choose a color based on the season, but shades can overlap between seasons. To help you out, we’ve mentioned some colors you can wear in particular seasons. So, let's dig in.


Let’s say your daughter is having a winter wedding. In that case, a short cocktail dress with a bright yellow color is a big no. Not only because it does not provide the coverage you need but also because bright yellow is not suitable for a winter wedding.

Instead, a darker color and a longer length outfit is a perfect option for Winter mother wedding dresses. The mother of the bride can choose between a 3/4 or full sleeve Dress or a jacket dress or pantsuit to keep warm. As for the fabric, heavier fabrics like taffeta, lace, and knit are perfect for that perfect winter wedding.

For wedding color themes utilizing reds, pinks or corals, colors like burgundy, Navy, merlot, wine, berry red, mauve, Dusty blue, are great options.

Winter Dresses for Mother of the Bride

For Blue and Green themes, go with Navy, Gray, Silver, Royal blue, cobalt blue, dusty blue, teal, emerald pine, gold, peacock and other dark tones are ideal for a mother of the bride dress at a winter wedding.

For Purple wedding theme colors, you would want to stay with plum, magenta, eggplant, champagne, periwinkle, mauve, berry, rose gold

If the bridal party is tending towards neutral theme, you can choose from a larger variety of stunning metallic colors like rose gold,champagne, gold, silver, pewter or earthy natural colors like Slate green, taupe, mocha, mink, dusty rose. They look gorgeous on most skin tones and work best for semi-formal and formal winter weddings.


Spring is the time of year when the weather is just right - not too cold or too hot. If your daughter is planning a wedding in spring, you can pick from an impressive range of color options. That’s because it’s one season when the colors overlap with those of other seasons. As for designs, one option is to wear a short-sleeved or sleeveless outfit. Mother of the bride dresses tea length is also ideal for spring. And if you tend to get chilly in the air conditioning or the wedding is at night, you can pair it with a bolero, light jacket, or shawl.

As for colors, the most trendy and stylish colors for spring are cooler colors and pastel tones.

Mother of the Bride Dresses for Spring

For reds, pinks or corals color theme, go with dusty rose, blush, sky blue, azure blue, ice blue, Fuchsia, silver, peach

For the blues and greens You can wear , gray, natural green, royal, sage green, dusty blue, navy , turquoise to lovely daughter's wedding.

For Purple wedding color theme, explore navy, lavender, lilac, blush, gray, champagne, periwinkle, mauve, berry, rose gold.

For a more bolder style statement, opt for a dress with delicate floral prints if you want a full-flash spring look. These option looks appealing playful and spot on.


If your daughter is planning a summer wedding, you can expect to feel a little sweaty. Ideally, you’ll want a dress that allows plenty of airflow. But besides lightweight fabrics, dresses should be soft light and airy.

Some of the best summer colors for red, pinks and coral themes are Sangria, Fuchsia, coral pink, peach, merlot include khaki And as for fabric, mother of the bride dresses made from tulle, chiffon, satin, and organza are perfect for summer.

Mother of the Bride Dresses for Summer

For wedding theme utilizing blues and greens in the summer, you would want to explore , turquoise, Sky blue , seafoam, Aqua, Navy, gold, silver, royal, slate gray, cornflower blue, yellow

For bolder Orange and yellow themes, the mother of the bride should go for gray, rust, mid tone browns, fig, gold, coral, blush, mink, slate green

For purple tones, the same colors for spring will work beautifully, navy, lavender, lilac, blush, gray, champagne, periwinkle, mauve, berry, rose gold.


Fall weddings is usually very comfortable, not hot not cold. Perfect temperature. You can wear a knee-length dress or long dress, half-sleeved or sleeveless dress, or a jumpsuit. Mother of the bride dresses tea length is also a good option for fall weddings. Also, choose mid-weight fabrics that help create a more structured look.

Mother of the Bride Dresses for Fall Wedding

Falls comes naturally with gorgeous colors that complements each other so easily. If you are attending a fall wedding with a reds, blue, purple, green orange, yellow theme, you can choose your dress color from stone, mocha, burgundy, eggplant, rust, evergreen,merlot, mustard, gold, autumm, hunter green, fig,mango, plum, burnt orange. These are all appropriate color options for the mother of the bride for a fall wedding. Some of the best colors for 2022 include burning red, jewel-tone teal, and royal purple.

Colors Best for All Seasons

Some colors go well for mother of the bride dresses in all seasons. The most common ones include burgundy, navy, egplant while earthy green is a more neutral choice. Besides that, you can also wear mettalic colors, they are perfect all through the year. Colors like pewter, champagne and silver

If you want to get a dress that you can wear more often, pick a color that’s perfect for all seasons.

Should Mother of the Bride and Groom Match?

Well, it totally depends on you and the mother of the groom. If the couple would like their mothers to wear complementary outfits, both mothers have to sit down together and think about what shade works best for both. We advise that you discuss outfit ideas together and go shopping together, so you don't choose different colors.

Of course, the bride and groom can offer suggestions for styles, colors, and levels of formality to help their moms choose the perfect outfits.

However, it’s not compulsory that the mothers of the bride and groom wear complementary colors at the wedding. They can choose completely different colors and styles yet look like proud moms at their children’s wedding.

Does Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaid Need to have the Same Colors?

Again, it’s not compulsory. The mother of the bride doesn’t need to match with the bridesmaids. Many brides prefer that the women they adore wear complementing colors for a cohesive look, but some mothers want to stand out. Hence, it highly depends on what you prefer. Surely, you may have some ideas for your daughter’s wedding and want to fulfill them instead of wearing a dress with the same color or style as the bridesmaids.

Also, if mothers don't want to wear the same colors as the bridesmaid, they can opt for colors that have a similar feel and appeal to the bridesmaid. For instance, if bridesmaids are wearing lighter tones, choose a color in the same category.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Color

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind to avoid clashing with what other people are wearing at the wedding. Here are a few options for mother wedding dresses.

Don't be too Bold

You need to avoid wearing bold or flashy colors that take the attention away from your daughter on her big day. Attention-grabbing colors include vivid yellow, blood red, and vibrant orange. Don’t worry: avoiding these colors will not limit your options, because there are several other color tones you can choose from. Also, if you choose mother of the bride dresses with jacket, make sure that the colors of your jacket and dress don’t give off a bold look.

Choose Color Based on Your Skin Tone

While you have infinite color options, you need to choose a hue that complements your skin tone. People with warmer skin tones can wear warmer colors like yellow, gold, amber, orange, coral, peach, and red. Warmer shades of cooler colors also work best for you, such as moss, olive, and violet red. People with cool skin tones can opt for emeralds, deep purples, and bright blues. Some frosty shades of pink, ice blue, and lavender also do the trick for you. While choosing mother of the bride dresses with jacket or jewelry, make sure to think whether your accessories and jacket color complements your skin tone. This will help create a cohesive look.

Consider Color Theme of the Wedding

If your daughter has decided on a color theme for the wedding, you should choose try as much as possible to wear a color that will work well with the theme. This is really important, so everyone can look well coordinated and great for photos. Also, the type of wedding your daughter is planning will also influence your decision. To make the right decision, discuss different options with your daughter. She can help you choose the right outfit based on the wedding theme.

Avoid Matching with the Bride

Many brides and mothers get emotional and end up wearing the same colors on this big day. Remember that mother of the bride should not wear the same color or even shade of the bride's wedding dress. The bride’s gown is usually in shades like ivory or champagne, so make sure that you don’t choose any shade of white. If you want to wear neutral colors, go for off-white, beige, taupe, and grey, as they are a different shade from a traditional bridal gown. Moreover, don’t choose the same dress design, either. For instance, if the bride is wearing toe-length clothes, mother of the bride dresses with tea length or dresses with knee-length are best for you.

Bottom Line

So, now you know how to choose colors for mother of the bride dresses. If you’re wondering where you can find gorgeous outfits in variety of wedding colors, check out SleekTrends to pick an ideal dress for your daughter’s wedding.




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