Mother of the Bride Dresses for Different Wedding Styles

Mother of the Bride Dresses for Different Wedding Styles

Weddings are always a joyous occasion in every culture all around the world. And they are also one of the occasions that call for gorgeous outfits, not just for the bride but also for the mother of the bride. 

There are several things to organize for the wedding and as the mother of the bride, you will always be the center of it along with the bride. And you must always look fabulous. This also extends to the wedding day when you must look your best self. You might have already helped the bride choose her wedding gown. Now it’s your turn! 

We understand how much pressure you might be feeling to choose the right dress that fits the wedding style. However, you don’t need to worry. We have created a simple guide that will tell you what kind of mother of the bride dress you should choose for different wedding styles. 

  • Cocktail
  • If your daughter has thrown a cocktail wedding party, you need a mother of the bride dress that has luxurious details. You can choose satin fabrics along with some metallics and beading finish. 

    If you are aiming for a  modern look, you can always choose a figure-flattering shaped dress. Choose playful colors to avoid looking too formal for a cocktail wedding party.

  • Casual
  • When your daughter is throwing a casual and laid back wedding, you need a no-fuss mother of the bride dress but with a lot of styles. You can choose Special occasion pantsuits for a hassle-free, comfortable yet stylish look. 

    Or if you are looking for a dress, you can always choose a simple lace sheath dress. To avoid upstaging the bride or the venue, avoid beading and excessive sequin. Keep it casual.

  • Formal
  • Finally, a formal wedding party calls for a mother of the bride dress that stands out in the crowd. Go for a dress made with the most luxurious fabrics, textures, and elegant shapes. 

    Mermaid and ball gowns are a perfect choice for black-tie wedding styles. However, if you want to look highly sophisticated, choose neutral colors such as blush and champagne. 

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