Mother of the Bride Dress Styles for Summer Weddings

Mother of the Bride Dress Styles for Summer Weddings

Has your daughter planned a summer wedding? If so, as the mother of the bride you need to get a dress that fits the season and the wedding formalities. 

Before you buy a mother of the bride dress, make sure to talk to your daughter about the formality of the wedding. Whether it is a formal or informal wedding, will determine the type of mother of the bride dress you will buy. 

After that, consider the season of the wedding. In your case, it’s a summer wedding! This means you need to buy a mother of the bride dress that looks elegant yet doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable in the summer heat. Here are the different summer styles for mother of the bride dresses. 

  • Neutral Color Dress
  • If the wedding is outdoors, you can wear a neutral color dress with colors such as grey, beige, taupe and more. These colors are very light and airy and are perfectly suitable for summer weddings. Fabrics such as linen and cotton are perfect for this look.

  • Floral  Dresses
  • Show off a pop of color. After all, you can only do this in summer!  Get all the summer feels as the mother of the bride in floral dresses. Such dresses give a vibrant  and chic vibe to the mother for an outdoor wedding. These dresses also don’t look overdone and will not overpower the bride and groom. 

  • Maxi Dress
  • If you like your dress long and flowy, you might want to look at a range of long printed maxi dresses. These dresses will usually have print. with sleeves  These dresses are perfect for mothers who want to dress modestly.  Mm\ake sure you choose the color that doesn’t clash with the wedding theme. Also, choose a lighter fabric like cotton for the dress to stay cool during the occasion.. 

  • Full-Length Gown with Embellishments
  • If the wedding has evening nuptials, a full-length gown with embellishments will be the best choice. This kind of dress is good for a formal summer wedding. It doesn’t overpower the bride and the groom yet helps you stand out in the crowd. 

    Apart from these styles, you can also choose from illusion dresses, flowy dresses, mermaid-style long dresses, and off-the-shoulder dresses. 

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