Finding the Right Bolero to Complement Your Formal Gown

Finding the Right Bolero to Complement Your Formal Gown

Have you bought a beautiful and elegant mother of the bride dress for your daughter’s wedding? Do you feel completely comfortable in your dress showing your arms? Or maybe it’s a winter wedding and you want something light to cover up your arms? 

In both cases, you might want to look at a different range of boleros available in the market. Bolero is a cropped-up jacket that goes perfectly with a formal gown or anything dressier for fancy events. And what’s fancier than your daughter’s wedding! 

Hence, the bolero is a great choice of clothing accessory that can be paired with your mother of the bride dress. Just make sure that the color of the bolero and your dress complement each other. Apart from that, there are three styles of bolero you can choose from. Here’s a quick overview. 

  • Lace Bolero
  • If you are wearing fancy formal evening gowns, the dress might be made of lace fabric. pairing your lace dress with a lace bolero would seamlessly complement your overall look. Lace boleros are quite trendy. Most of them are embellished with sequin details to add  a little bit of  glamor to your ensemble. You can look sophisticated and elegant during the wedding with a little lace coverage. You will also look fabulous in all the wedding photographs too. 

  • Knit Bolero
  • A jacket with a slightly longer and structured design with a much cozy knit fabric is a knit bolero. They are a better option for colder weather, when your priority is to keep warm during the wedding party.  Knit Boleros are great for warmth and also elegance. You can opt for a knit bolero with streams of shimmer, sequin or glitter to spice your outfit up to look more sophisticated yet fashionable for wedding parties. Knit bolero is great for winter weddings as they will not only keep you warm but also make you look elegant as the mother of the bride. 

  • Feather/Faux Fur -trim Bolero
  • Although you don’t want to take the attention away from the bride, feather/ fur -trim bolero will certainly turn heads. This bolero is a showstopper and will look perfect with your formal evening gown. Guests will be impressed by your choice of bolero and will give you compliments. 

    The bolero adds much-needed glamour, comfort, and style to your evening gown. With a bolero like this, you can stand out in the crowd without overshadowing the bride. 

    These three bolero types are widely available in the market that can be paired with your mother of the bride dress. If you want to check out the complete range, you can visit our online store at SleekTrends. 

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