9 ways to Style Boleros

Bolero and Shrug: 9 ways to Style Boleros

Women's Bolero jackets and shrugs are fantastic wardrobe additions that help you make an impression at just about any event. They have a unique design, and you can pair them with formal or casual dresses. Also, there's no specific style, so you can find them in all sorts of colors, sizes, and fabrics. Because they're versatile, you can layer them over jeans and a short-sleeved top or a maxi dress.

A great thing about boleros is that they're front open jackets, so you don't feel too restricted. Generally, they help cover your arms or just the shoulders, so they accentuate your outfit without making you uncomfortable. Not to mention, unlike regular jackets, they don't make you look too boxy.

If you prefer to show a little less skin or get cold easily, boleros are a fantastic way to style a sleeveless outfit or a short sleeve.

That being said, you're probably wondering how you can style a bolero and what clothes will look great with plus-size boleros and shrugs. Here's what you need to know about styling a bolero.

1. Wear Bolero Jackets with Cocktail Dresses

You can pair a cocktail dress with your favorite bolero or plus-sized shrug. These stylish jackets are useful if you tend to get cold easily or prefer to have your arms covered.  In comparison, wearing a regular jacket would mean hiding the details on your dress. So, if you're wearing a sleeveless cocktail dress, a bolero or shrug will cover your shoulders, back, and arms without taking attention away from the dress.  Most importantly there are variety of Dressy Bolero Jacket and Evening Shrug that are designed with dressier fabrics that would pair very well with your evening dresses.  No more saying no to strapless dresses because you prefer to cover your shoulders. 

Wear Bolero Jackets with Cocktail Dresses

Lace Shrugs are a better option if you'd prefer a light covering for your shoulders as opposed to something bulkier. Not to mention, a lace shrug or Formal Bolero Jackets can give even the simplest dress a luxurious feel. 

2. Layer it Over Your Tank Top

Want to give your traditional tank top a more sophisticated edge? Wear it with your Bolero Jacket. A long tank top with a shrug or jacket makes for an outdoor outfit. You can pair it with some jeans, a delicate necklace, and sneakers.
Whether you're going shopping at the local farmer's market or at a brunch with friends, a tank top with a bolero jacket is a killer combo.

Bolero Jacket to Layer it Over Your Tank Top

If you want to accentuate your waist, choose high-waisted jeans and tuck in your tank top.

3. Consider Opting for Maxi Dress

Going to the beach this weekend? A floral maxi is a good choice if you want something breezy to wear. And if you're looking to cover up your shoulders and arms, wear a shrug or bolero. Solid color shrugs look the best when you pair them with a floral maxi dress. If your dress has a loose fitting, adding a shrug can show off your curves, but make sure to get the right-sized women's bolero.

Bolero Jacket for Maxi Dress

Besides looking great, you'll feel comfortable. Also, the cropped style of your bolero will balance out the length of your dress.

4. Pair a Shrug with Office wear

When you choose a more structured bolero or shrug, it will complement your workplace wardrobe. Instead of wearing a blazer every day, you can pair blouses with shrugs and save the formal blazer for corporate dinners. Besides looking classy, a monotone bolero or shrug will keep you warm when the office feels chilly.

Shrug for office wear

When you're working in an office with numerous other employees, you can't adjust the thermostat as you please. Instead of shivering, add a black Bolero Jacket and Shrug Jacket to your work wardrobe. Since boleros and shrugs complement office wear staples like skirts or pants, you can wear them regularly. Just be careful when trying different colors. Your chosen shrug or bolero should complement the color and feel of your outfit for the day. There are also lots of Plus size Boleros and Shrugs options for plus size women that are primarily designed to flatter a curvier silhouette. Lastly, you can finish up the look with pumps and delicate gemstone jewelry.

5. Wear Long Boleros with pants

Long Bolero jacket with flared pants and a shell or tank top make for a trendy look. It's a great business casual outfit choice when attending events. You can even wear it on a date night or a shopping trip. This dressing style will help you stand out with confidence.

The shell, pants, and shrug jacket will provide optimal coverage- ideal for people who want to avoid showing off their arms and want a little coverage in the tummy area. Most people opt for this trendy style to look chic and classy, even with a traditional shrug and bolero. If you are in the mood to up your style a little, a long Bolero jacket with do the trick. Pair with an attractive pair of high heels, and stride with confidence.

6. Combine Sleeveless Evening Dress with Bolero

Do you have a fancy Evening Bolero Jacket? In that case, you can wear it at the upcoming dinner. A short lace bolero with gorgeous detailing can give your outfit a formal look, and if you choose bold colors like red for both evening dress and bolero, you're sure to get a lot of good attention. Not to mention, your date for the night will certainly be impressed.

Sleeveless Evening Dress with Bolero

This idea with a Formal Bolero Jackets is perfect for extravagant date nights, formal weddings, and professional gatherings. One reason is that your bolero will balance out the look of your glamorous evening dress, so you don't look overdressed. Just make sure to keep your jewelry and hairstyle simple while choosing heels that matches your outfit.

7. Pair Shrugs or Bolero with Spaghetti Top and skirts

If your outfit has a solid color spaghetti strap top, a shrug or bolero with minimal prints and detailing can give it a stylish upgrade. This is a great spring outfit when going out with friends for a short brunch or a tea party.

Bolero Shrugs with Spaghetti Top and skirts

A bolero jacket is a great addition to your look when you have a cute skirt on. For a classy look, you can pair a solid color top with a single-tone shrug and floral skirt for a vibrant spring summer fresh look. Pair with accessories based on your outing.

8. Style with Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees are popular among various age groups, especially millennials (the generation that's most vocal about their needs), who enjoy wearing them to express their opinions and thoughts to the world. These shirts allow you to send powerful messages and spread awareness about anything you believe in. With the right graphic t-shirt, you can make a powerful statement without having to say a word. If you prefer wearing graphic tees most of the time, you need to look for ways to make your outfit stand out. For that, you can consider wearing your favorite graphic tee with a shrug or bolero.

Solid Bolero Shrugs

Unlike a regular jacket, a shrug or bolero stays open from the front, so it doesn't take the audience's attention away from your t-shirt. This way, you can upgrade your style without compromising on the main aspect of your outfit.

9. Style Your Ripped Jeans

These days, ripped jeans are a staple in every woman's wardrobe. If you feel more confident with a pair of ripped jeans, you need several ideas to wear your favorite pair of jeans without making it look like you wear something every day. For this, you can add some stunning boleros or shrugs to your closet. By pairing a different top and shrug or bolero with your favorite ripped jeans, you can create a number of different looks.

 Bolero jacket

When you wear ripped jeans and a shrug or bolero, try to stick to a single-toned top. This creates a streamlined look, whereas a multi-color top may look overdone. If you wear a bigger size, wear the right-sized shrugs with jeans to get a fitted look.

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