6 Tips for Choosing Pant Suits for Plus Size Women

6 Tips for Choosing Pant Suits for Plus Size Women

As a plus size woman, you may have trouble finding proper attire with the right measurements, with most pieces being far too small or far too big for you. However, do not fret, reader, since as you browse our website SleekTrends you will notice that along with our selections of gorgeous ensembles for the modern woman, we as well host an array of size choices, all tailored to fit you. This is especially seen in our collections of plus size pant suits.

Despite the reassurance, this can lead to more questions arising, such as: How does one know which pant suit to pick? What pant-suit will best fit the occasion? Should we be flashy or minimalist? Avoid overthinking it, because here at SleekTrends, we are always here to help you.

Make Sure That it is the Right Size

The most important step. One must always make sure that their outfit's measurements actually fit them. When you think you have the correct size selected, double check if it will fit your body type and provide you comfort during your chosen special occasion at the same time.

Many people nowadays forget to seek out the practical parts of wearing a formal pants suit, focusing on the design of a suit instead of its wearability. But why pick or focus on just one, when you can have both? One of our plus size formal pant suits, our R&M Richards Plus Size Women's 3 Piece Scalloped Sequin Lace Pantsuit, is a perfect outfit that provides the appropriate amount of style and comfort for any event you attend.

R&M Richards Plus Size Women's 3 Piece Scalloped Sequin Lace Pantsuit

Pick a Neutral Color

If you plan on using your chosen plus size formal pant suit multiple times for various occasions, it is best to choose a neutral color. Neutral colors are some of the most versatile among all the others in the color palette, as they work well together and with everything else. These colors include:

Near-neutrals: A shade with low saturation levels, pastels, such as blush, dark rose , slate.

Warm Neutrals: Warm yet not overly vibrant, like tan or navy.

Cool Neutrals: Cool yet not overly vibrant, for example, taupe, or deep charcoal blue.

Black is counted as a neutral color, as well. It looks amazing in a formal pantsuit.

Plus Size Asymmetrical Twist Poncho Pant Set

They are a must if you wish to wear the same suit repeatedly. The colors may sound boring at first, but these neutral formal pant suits can easily gain more visual interest if you were to add a few colorful accessories.

Pick the Suits with Suitable Shoulders

Many of our plus size formal pant suits here at SleekTrends provide shoulder pads in their blazers. If you were to choose these suits, you should ensure that it appears as if it was personalized and tailored just for you. A pant suit that sets on your frame beautifully enhances, accentuates, and provides comfort for your body type.

R&M Richards 3 Piece Sequin Lace Jacket Pantsuit with Necklace

Choose the Right Fabric

When shopping at SleekTrends we, provide the best quality fabric we can, both in design and most importantly, practicality. The fabric you choose for your plus size formal pant suit should not be comfortable and flattering to your body size and shape.

There are six fabric options for your new and elegant plus size formal pant suit: polyester, linen, silk, cashmere, cotton, and wool.

R&M Richards Women's Plus Size Beaded Neck 3 Piece Long Pant Set

Polyester: Generally used for suits; due its synthetic material, polyester retains heat and can get wrinkled, but some polyester suits have a flashy glossy shine.

Silk: Maintains a luxurious shine, while at the same time is soft and beautiful.

Linen and Cotton: Excellent choices for summer, as they tend to be very absorbent and breathable. However, cotton and linen suits get wrinkled very easily.

Cashmere: The king of all fabrics, however, akin to kings, it is also very expensive.

Wool: Versatile and pricy; original wool is warm and ideal for winters, however synthetic wool can be worn in summer.

With all of these tips in mind, feel free to explore and purchase your very own plus size formal pant suit here at SleekTrends, with the right fit, fabric, and color.

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