When to Send Your Save the Dates and RSVPs

When to Send Your Save the Dates and RSVPs

When to Send and Reply to Wedding RSVPs

COVID had a big impact on weddings. A lot of couples rescheduled their weddings multiple times throughout the pandemic. That may mean you sent out save the dates and then later had to unsave the dates. That may mean emails, individual phone calls etc. So now we may be questioning more than ever what to do with those invitations. So we’re here to give our advice on it after it may have gotten muddled. 

Save the Dates- depending on the length of your engagement this may be one of the first things you have to quickly get together. Once a wedding venue is secured you may be dashing to a print shop or a wedding site to put it all together and texting all of your friends for their addresses. We say this because most Save the Dates are suggested to be sent out six to eight months before a wedding. It’s a friendly reminder and also a confirmation to anyone who saw your engagement pictures on social media that you would like them on your special day.

RSVP- When you send out the first letter you’re casting a wider net of the people you’re planning on attending. Not everyone you will invite will be able to make it and you don’t want to invite someone as an afterthought after you realize the attendance may be sparse. Now it’s six to eight weeks before the event to ask them to RSVP. This gives them enough time to make the arrangements to attend and serves as a reminder that you would appreciate them joining you. If you send them too early you may get people changing their mind when they realize more is going on ing their lives. But too late and people may have already made plans. Also, you’ll want to get the most accurate number possible for the catering. Getting the most accurate number possible is super important. 

Follow Up- We get it. We’ve all been that person who has received a text from a friend getting married to follow up if you are coming and to ask if you would prefer chicken or fish. Honestly, it’s best to follow up a week before the caterer and etc need a number. Around a month before the wedding you need to start making those calls.

We hope this has been helpful and has brought you some clarity on the leadup to your big day. There are so many deadlines and dynamics to deal with and we know it may not be easy. But trust us. You’re doing great!

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