Mother of the Groom- Roles and Responsibilities

Mother of the Groom- Roles and Responsibilities

Ever since the birth of your son, you must've been dreaming of the day he finally gets married. Now that the day is here, it is time for you to step up to all the roles and responsibilities and play your part!

This is an extraordinary moment for your son, the entire family, and especially for you. It is the perfect time to show your son how much you love him. As the groom's mother, you may have many responsibilities to fulfill.

The bride and groom can get all the help they need, and being the mother, you can effortlessly take responsibility for different things and ensure that there are no problems with the wedding and everything is just the way the couple would want.
While it may be the first time your son is getting married, it may also be the first time for you to be the mother of the groom You may not be fully aware of your roles and responsibilities but fret not; we are here to help you! Here are all the responsibilities you can take on:

Look For Wedding Dresses For The Mother Of The Groom
As the mother of the groom, you will be in the limelight, and it is essential for you to step up and enjoy the attention as much as you can. You need to look your very best without outshining the bride. Therefore, you must be careful when selecting your mother's wedding dresses.

The dress should accentuate all your best features and give you a sophisticated look. There can be many mother-of-the-groom wedding dresses for you to choose from but it is best to consult with the mother of the bride and coordinate accordingly. It is custom for the mother of the bride to get her dress first and then you can get a dress with a similar style. Things to keep in mind are; color, formality, and the length of the dress.

You don't have to get a dress that is the same style or length, but you can go for a dress that complements the mother of the bride's dress.

Help Plan The Rehearsal Dinner
While the couple may be busy planning the rest of the wedding, the mother of the groom can take responsibility for the rehearsal dinner. In most traditions, the rehearsal dinner is planned by the parents of the groom. The event usually takes place a day or two before the actual wedding. However, it takes a lot of effort to plan it, and if you want to take responsibility, then you need to start planning a few months before the wedding.

It is best to keep the event as intimate as possible so the wedding party can be comfortable and mingle easily. A rehearsal dinner does not have to be a dinner, but you can also arrange a lunch or brunch; just make sure that the arrangements are according to the bride and groom's likes and dislikes.
You can run the plans by the couple to get their approval and then you're good to go!

Prepare The Guest List
Preparing the guest list can be difficult, and as the mother of the groom, you may have a better idea of all the relatives you should invite. Moreover, to plan the wedding list you may have to go back and forth with the bride's family to put together a final list.

Come up with a list of all the people you want to include from your side of the family. Then you can coordinate with the bride's family to receive their guest list. Once you have both lists, you can compile them and finalize the names and addresses. Try to stay within the agreed-upon number of guests, to avoid any conflicts and disagreements

Help with planning the Wedding
There are several things to plan, and the bride and groom might not be able to do all of it alone. so, one of the things you might take up is to help with the planning of the actual event. Planning the event requires you to communicate with the vendors, the decorators, and the caterers. This will not be a problem if the couple trusts your opinion and is accepting of any suggestions. You can help with communicating with different vendors and venues. Remember to ask the couple if they need help with any other aspects of the planning. You will be surprised at what they might need help with.

Wedding Registry
Dealing with the wedding registry can be a lot for the couple, but as the mother of the groom, you can effortlessly take over. Many of your relatives may not be very familiar with the concept and have difficulty filling it in. In such cases, you can help the guests and guide them on the website. This way, the guests will not have to bother the bride and the groom.

Organizing Guests On The Wedding Day
There can be a lot of chaos on the wedding day, and to avoid the chaos, most couples use an event planner. In the case where there is no event planner, this is a good opportunity to step up to organize the guests. You first need to stand in line at reception to greet all your guests and guide them to their respective seats to avoid any confusion.

Moreover, there have been many cases where guests coming in from other cities have gotten lost and are unable to make it to the venue. You can avoid all of that by being careful and ensuring that all the guests are taken care of and reach the venue at the right time.

Furthermore, you may also have to round up all the guests for pictures following the ceremony. The bride and groom would want all the guests to have their pictures taken, and as the mother of the groom, you can ensure that.

Financial Assistance, If Needed
It is no secret that weddings can be expensive, and the bride and groom may even go over their budget. To prevent this and to be a helping hand, you can offer them financial assistance. As per tradition, the parents of the groom are required to pay for some of the events or requisites of the wedding. For instance, you can offer to pay for the wedding rings or other important item needed for the wedding, such as the music, decor, or even the food.

The idea is to help your son as much as you can. If you are unsure what to spend on, you can ask your son if he needs help with something in particular.

Follow Through On Traditions
Your family may have some traditions that your son would like to include in his wedding. Many people like to stick to their roots and have a traditional wedding. In this case, you teach your son about all the traditions you follow in the family and help him incorporate them into the wedding as best as he can.

This will help you keep the tradition alive and can be a bonding experience for the groom with his family. Discuss the traditions with the bride and groom before incorporating them into the wedding plan.

Dance with your son
You may have been super busy with the preparations over the months and even on the wedding day. But do not forget to have some fun and spend some quality time with your son. His wedding is a special day for you too! Seeing him in a wedding tuxedo for the first time will surely jerk a few tears and to commemorate the celebration, do not skip on the mother-son dance.

It is the most important event of the wedding for you, and it is important to make the most of it! Make sure that as the mother of the groom, your dress is as comfortable as it can be. This way you will be able to dance away and have a wonderful moment.

Congratulations on the wedding of your son! You must be elated! Now is the time to step into your shoes, tighten your belt and help your son and his bride have the best wedding they possibly can. Make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Take over your responsibilities and give your best! You must first take care of yourself and choose mother's wedding dresses to shortlist and get the perfect fit.

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