Mother of the Bride Dresses for Fall Weddings

Mother of the Bride Dresses for Fall Weddings

As the mother of the bride, you have a crucial role in your daughter’s wedding. Whether it is helping your daughter get ready for the big day or greeting the guests, you will be in the spotlight along with the bride. And so, you need to look your fabulous self on this day. 

Now, if your daughter and son-in-law have planned a fall wedding, you need mother of the bride outfits that

SleekTrendsill make you shine without taking the spotlight away from the bride. But before we tell you some amazing fall wedding mother of the bride dress styles, here are the colors that you can wear. 

Fall Wedding Colors

Based on the fall wedding theme, here are a few fall color hues that you can choose from.

  • Rust or dark red shades
  • Medium to deep blue
  • Amethyst shades or purple
  • Rich and bright yellow tones
  • Deep pinks and mauves
  • Emerald and dee green colors
  • Pastel or neutral colors

Fall Wedding Fabrics

Although there is no particular fabric for mother of the bride gowns, however, some fall wedding dress fabrics to consider include heavier material. You can choose from silk, satin, crushed velvet or velvet, shantung, jacquard, or taffeta.

Fall Wedding Dress Styles

  • Short and Sweet
  • So, if the fall wedding is not so formal, a short dress might do the trick. You can buy short black sequin mother of the bride dresses as the perfect dress for the day. Make sure the bride approves of you wearing black. However, you can also go with other neutral colors for the short dress. 

  • Dress with Illusion panels
  • A fall wedding will be a bit chilly and frigid affair. So, you need a dress that will look the best yet give you some warmth and grace. A long dress with illusion panels is a great choice for fall weddings. You can have illusion panels at your sleeve to give it an elegant and sophisticated look. 

  • Three-Quarter Sleeves Dresses
  • Are you still stuck on what style of mother of the bride dress you should choose? If so, three-quarter sleeves dresses will be a perfect choice. Three-quarter sleeves help you feel warm despite the chill that might occur during the fall season. If you are plus size, this is the best choice of fall wedding mother of the bride dress style. 

  • Long-sleeved dress
  • If some of the events of the fall wedding will take place outside, wearing a long-sleeved dress will be beneficial. A Long-sleeved dress gives a modest appearance while it makes you look slimming and elegant. So, go for such a mother of the bride dress if you find one. 

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