How to Sparkle Without Outshining the Bride

How to Sparkle Without Outshining the Bride

Have you ever seen Monster-In-Law? It’s a rom-com from 2005 that stars Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez. Lopez meets a super cute doctor and they quickly fall in love and get engaged. Everything is picture perfect until her fiance’s mom comes into the picture. Fonda isn’t a huge fan of Lopez and goes to some pretty extreme lengths to ruin the upcoming nuptials. At the end of the movie Fonda arrives at the wedding dressed in white, ready to show up Lopez (she seriously does look fantastic). It ends though in a reconciliation as they both realize fighting is hurting the person they both love. Fonda walks down the aisle in her appointed fluffy peach nightmare of a bridesmaid dress as the final olive branch. It’s a really cute movie. Anyways. 

If you follow us on Tiktok (and if you’re not why not?!?!!) we every once and a while see a comment like, “this is pretty, but you shouldn’t outshine the bride!” Now our dresses do not resemble Jane Fonda’s in Monster-in-Law in the slightest but it did get us thinking on how we can always make sure that brides feel their most beautiful and confident on their wedding day. So we brainstormed some simple suggestions to make sure each bride feels super loved and never outshone.

Wait for the bride to buy her dress first. We do advise our mother of the brides and mother of the grooms to buy their dresses as soon as possible. However we also definitely suggest waiting for the bride to make her selection. Until the wedding dress is purchased, the bride is not going to want to hear anyone else fret about finding a dress with the right sleeves, pattern etc. It isn’t just to make sure that the dresses don’t clash. You don’t want her to have to think about anything dress related until she’s found her dress. 

Another way to make sure that the bride feels good is you can loop her in on the choices.We don’t mean stress her out with every link to every dress you can find. You can look through various sites for a while to compile maybe four to five favorites. Let her be a part of choosing. Never give her an option you would hate to wear (because that always ends up being what she will go with) but if she chooses your third favorite it isn’t the end of the world. Her smile is way more important and that is really what you will remember. 

We know that these sound simple but we really do think they will help. Wedding prep always leads to big emotions and it’s always best to proceed with caution. It’s just better to be safe than sorry. Just remember that something that may not stress out your usually chill daughter may cause some tears as the wedding draws near. It’s wedding prep.

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