Planning for an Outfit Change

Can the Mother of the Bride/Groom Have an Outfit Change at the Wedding?

Have you been helping your daughter or son to plan their wedding? If so, we reckon you have a good relationship with the significant other of your daughter or son. That is so wonderful! 

mother of the groom wedding dresses

However, as the mother of the bride or groom, make sure you don’t take any undue advantage of this wonderful dynamic amongst you all. There are several instances when the mother of the bride or groom wants to have an outfit change for their mother of the bride or mother of the groom wedding dresses

This is not inappropriate. Sure, the wedding day is highly important for the bride and groom, it is also important for the mother of the bride and groom. So it is okay for the mothers to feel and look their best on that day as well. Please make sure you let the couple know of your plan and do it in such a way that it does not take the attention off the couple. 

Here are a few situations where an outfit change for the mother of the bride or groom is considered appropriate. 

  • If the bride and groom have specifically asked you for an outfit change, it will be better to follow their wish. In this case, a change in the wedding outfits for bride’s mother or groom's mother won’t be a big deal, instead, it will be welcomed. 
  • If your son or daughter is having a church wedding followed by a reception elsewhere, an outfit change is acceptable. For a church wedding, you need to wear something modest and appropriate. However, if the reception is held somewhere else, at a less formal venue, you can surely go for an outfit change. For example, if the church wedding is followed by a reception at a bar or pool party or a black-tie event, changing your outfit will be expected.

  • If your son or daughter is having a wedding during the spring or fall
    wedding outfits for brides mother
    season. During these seasons, the days are warm, but the evenings can be colder. So, you may want to change your outfit to feel comfortable and warm during evening receptions. 

These are situations where an outfit change for the mother of the bride and groom can be acceptable. However, if none of these situations are applicable for your son or daughter’s wedding, please refrain from changing your outfits. 

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